Hidden Features of Sierra you need to Know

This guide to macOS Sierra tricks, tips, and hidden features will make your Apple software experience better.

Not everything about Sierra was revealed at the WWDC keynote when Apple launched iOS. The beauty was hidden with the operating system. Whether you are a pro user or a novice, here are some of the hidden features that will make you happy when you update to macOS Sierra.

Hidden Features of macOS Sierra you didn’t know about

#Siri control

At the keynote, Apple just revealed about the things what Siri can do on iOS. But Siri can also perform some other commands that affected directly to Mac hardware.

Just like on iOS, you can command Siri to make your screen darker or brighter. You can also tell to switch on and switch off the Wi-Fi, put the Mac machine to sleep, to do system control, to start the screen saver. Not only this, Siri has also access towards system information. Such as speed of the processor, Mac’s serial number, how much free memory and space remains on the drives, etc.

#Additional editing tools in photos

Inside the Photos app, you can see two editing tools – Brilliance and Markup. When you edit a photo, you can make use Brilliance slider that can be found under the Light section in the Adjust menu. This feature brightens dark areas and pulls in highlights to reveal hidden detail and make your photo look richer and more vibrant. In other words, we can say that effectively combines the Highlights, Shadows, Brightness and Contrast adjustments.

To use Markup tool, click the triple-dot button present at the bottom of the column of edit tools. Well, this tool is used to add text, arrows, lines and another annotation editing to your pictures.

#Save disk space with optimized storage

Even after paying huge money, Apple has been notoriously tight in providing storage spaces. Most of the Macs have relatively small SSDs. But now with macOS Sierra, you can reclaim some space. To do this, go to System Preferences > iCloud and click Options next to iCloud Drive. Tick Optimize Mac Storage.

The files that you don’t use very often will be uploaded to iCloud only and removed from your computer. You can feel that the files are still on your computer, but you have to download them from iCloud before you can open them.

Optimized Storage is integrated with Time Machine, so your latest backup will have a copy of all files, even those stored in iCloud only.

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#Return of RAID assistant

In OS X El Capitan, Apple removed RAID support in Disk Utilities. But it makes its return in macOS Sierra. Navigate to Disk Utility and under the File menu, you'll find a familiar line at the bottom for RAID Assistant. Using this, you can create a Striped (RAID 0) array for speed or a Mirrored (RAID 1) array for data redundancy.

#New and faster Safari

Sierra comes with a brand new Safari 10 browser for internet. The major modification to Safari is improvements to Split View. When you are browsing Safari in full-screen mode, all you need to do to activate Split View is to open a new window. This will automatically switch Safari to Split View.

And according to Apple, Safari in Sierra is 80% faster when it comes to JavaScript performance than Chrome.

#Rich URL previews in messages

One of the major improvement done for the Messages is the addition of rich URL previews. When you send or receive a message that contains a URL, Messages will load the name of the page you’re referencing and display it in an attractive way. And it is more friendly than a bare URL!

#APFS makes its way in Sierra

The long-anticipated Apple File System has finally come to Sierra. Since 1985, Apple has used a variation of HFS, or Hierarchical File System. But Apple wanted its own system, so the company built APFS from the ground up, and it comes with a number of features. For starters, users have built-in encryption, but the system also comes with accurate timestamps. The new system will offer support not only for macOS but for iOS, meaning you will find on iPhone and Apple Watch as well.

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