How can I make my virus infected pen drive usable?

Many people frequently use pen drives to store and transfer a wide and variety of data between computers. Pen drives offers many useful features like high storage capacity, portable, speed etc. However since these devices are plug and play, they are more prone to virus infection than any other devices. Viruses on pen drive can severely damage the files stored on it and worse make the drive inaccessible and unusable. A pen drive infected with virus has the following symptoms.

  • The files in pen drive are displayed in weird characters like “ΩäCÄφyu.┼" or "√¬O+úφ.$⌡"and so on
  • When you try to delete a file an error message pops-up saying “Access denied”
  • Pen drive not getting detected etc.

However removing a virus from a pen drive is not impossible. Here’s how you can remove virus from your pen drive

  1. Scan your pen drive: Running an antivirus application will determine, whether or not your pen drive is infected by virus or any other malware infection, if you find any malwares / viruses delete it
  2. Copy important Files: Backup your important files and save it on a virus free drive. Don’t copy the whole directory! Because there are a lot of hidden files, the virus could potentially be one of those hidden files, so it is advice to copy pen drive files folder by folder. After which you can format the device, to make it usable

Formatting Procedure:

Open “My Computer”->Right click on your pen drive device->then choose “Format” option->After selection a windows pops up, displaying a lot of other options. Tick “Quick Format” check-box and click on “Start” button. This operation will remove all viruses and other contents of your pen drive.

In case if you are not able to format thumb drive, even after following the given procedure. It indicates that the pen drive is write protected, in order to format these drive. You must clear the registry details. Procedure to clear registry is given below.

Go to Run -> Regedit -> My Computer -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> StorageDevicePolicies -> Delete the StorageDevicePolicies in Your Registry and then perform format operation.

Sometimes, even after following the above techniques you won’t be able to format your pen drives. This is due to dangerous viruses’ infection, in such cases you need to use the following method:

  •  Connect your pen drive
  • Don’t open or format it directly
  • Right click on “My Computer” and select “Manage”
  • A windows appears, select computer management from the left panel and then click on “Disk Management”
  • “Disk Management” shows all the logical and external storage drives
  • Right click on your removable pen drive device and select “Format”

The format operation on pen drive removes all dangerous viruses, making it virus free and usable.  But the only disadvantage is along with virus it also removes all the other contents from the pen drive. The files can be restored back with the help of an updated backup. However, in the absence of backup use a good recovery program like Remo Recover Windows . With this advance toolkit, user can also restore deleted files from pen drive in few simple mouse clicks.

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