How IoT affects Helicopter Parenting?

Helicopter Parenting would be a subject that’ll definitely make you sneered. Yes, at this 21st century, some parents still want to micromanage their kids. Whether it’s 18-year-old or 2 years old toddler, parents couldn’t stop worrying. I’m not interested in kicking off one side attack against this parenting style (really, I love to call it as a parenting style) as it's been going through a phase of reappraisal. More researchers have started considering positive aspects of helicopter parenting.

Let it be. I don’t want to denounce any particular parenting style. But on the contrary, I believe such protective instincts of parents can be greatly influenced by Internet of Thigs (IoT) and related concepts? Well, let’s have a quick look at it.

Is IoT Monstrous to Childhood?

Of course, IoT can be a great help for worried parents. The innovations have helped a parent to track where their kids are, what kind of websites they visit and many more ways.

Still some questions remain unanswered– especially the very strange disconnection that arises if kids are too far from their parents. I don’t disagree that kids should get the freedom as they want in their age. At the same time, parents should not ignore threats easily.

Now, coming back to the disconnection part - Doris Bergen, professor in Miami University says-

If young children spend more time in technology-augmented play, this type of engagement may result in fewer interactions with parents, other caregivers, other children, and even with physical objects in the environment. Thus, brain developmental patterns and inactive cognition in such children may differ from that of children in past generations.”

We can’t take a wild conclusion from this. As far I am concerned, these negatives are not up to cover the great opportunities that IoT provide for both kids and parents. For kids, it helps to bound them with growing technology to make them more productive – by creating an atmosphere to enhance their creative and logical skills.

Wrapping it up

Helicopter parenting is not a new concept. It’s been with us for quite a long time now and it’s constantly evolving. And parents wouldn’t mind having a little surveillance over the kid in order to ensure they’re safe. That’s why parenting apps like Remo MORE which harness the power of internet or kids monitoring product is going to be next big thing in IoT innovations.

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