How Many Times can You Format an HDD or SSD?

We are a generation that is quite accustomed to formatting an HDD or SSD. And most often or not we choose to format it for varied reasons right bought a second hand hard drive to drive that was formatted for another operating system like Linux or Mac. Well, the reason for formatting can be any and it does not matter as it is popularly known for humans to err so we have found ourselves at times formatting HDD or SDD accidently. Therefore, wiping the hard drive clean for reason any or many does not account. What matters is how many times can you format your HDD or SDD? Curious to know? Then, continue to read on……

Let’s just hypothetically say that you have a bike that you use every day to run errands and riding up to 2 – 3 kilometers. But one day you decide to take it for a camp trip going up to a distance of 20 kilometers. The analogy is the same all you are doing is riding your bike further. What is the purpose of this hypothetical analogy?

The answer is simple it is to tell that you are only using it further until it wears out. Formatting a drive is basically wiping it clean and resetting the drive’s internal system. So exactly how many times can you format? Well, as many times as needed or required. You might wonder how is it possible to do that? It is because you are not always going to write every spot over and over again. Therefore, the lifespan is quite long.

Remember, formatting also depends on the scenario as there are different types of formatting like the low-level formatting which is basically re-writing each and every spot there is. Then, there is quick format which is wiping or clearing the allocation tables only and not disturbing the data. This was just to name a few. Even if you format the low-level type you can still go ahead and format your HDD or SDD many times.

Conclusion: You can format your HDD or SDD many a number of times as needed or required. There cannot be a specific count limit put on this. But as mentioned earlier if you end up formatting an important file without taking a backup and end up losing it. Then, remember that files can be recovered after disk formatting error in Windows.

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