How Remo Recover Guaranteed Data Recovery after Failed Latest Windows Update

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Microsoft Windows rolls out updates every year, installing these updates are important. The updates will provide newer versions of the software and also fix the previous bug issues. This will certainly improve the performance of the computer.

Depending on the update, major or minor changes will be made to the computer. Windows 1903 is one such major update that made a lot of changes to the user's computers.

Although the updates enhance the computer’s performance, due to some technical setbacks these updates can also cause irregularities in the computer’s performance. These issues could be such as computer freezing while in use, incomplete installation or rolling back to the previous version.

Apart from performance issues, Windows updates can also cause data loss from the computer. The recent Windows 10 1903 update posed a similar data loss problem to a user’s computer. Since the user acted fast and approached Remo software regarding the situation, he was able to recover lost data securely.

Here is a case scenario that illustrates how Remo Recover helped the user to recover lost data from the computer after the update.

Case scenario

I got an update from Windows for the latest version 1903, this was a major update that made a lot of changes to the computer. During the update process, the computer restarted multiple times. After the update, I found two short cut folders missing from the desktop. So, I went back to the original folder and recreated the shorts cut again.

Unfortunately, Windows rolled back to the previous 1803 version. This time the desktop folders were deleted along with the original folders. I was clueless about what had happened, the folders that were deleted were very important to me.

While I was searching for a solution to my issue, I came to know about Remo data recovery software. The tech support associate at Remo Software guided me through the whole process of data recovery so that I could recover my folders back safely and securely.

What happens with incomplete Windows update?

Microsoft has an encrypted rollback feature that will automatically roll back to the previous version. This will happen if the update is not compatible with the hardware or software of the computer. According to Microsoft, this feature will stop any update with hardware or software conflicts from making changes to the system.

However, updates will not be installed for the next 30 days post the rollback. When the users report any issues, Microsoft provides solutions called Hotfix specific to the abnormalities caused by the respective update.

Back in October 2018, many users had reported that Windows update deleted everything on the drive. The update had deleted important data from the computers. From a sea of such cases reported to Remo Software, the following case is handpicked to help readers understand how data loss complications arise during improper updates.

When the user came up with the issue, the tech support team guided him in searching for the lost folders. He was initially guided to check if the files were hidden and also helped him perform a manual check through Quick access. After performing the search the user was not able to find the lost folders.

This is when the tech support team identified that the folders were deleted from the computer. Keeping this in mind the tech support associate helped the user install the Remo data recovery software and retrieve the lost folders.

How Remo recover helped solve the issue

As the user explained the data loss issue, the tech support team quickly identified that the folders were permanently deleted and came up with a solution. The tech support associate guided the user to perform a quick scan on the hard drive. After completion of the scanning process, the user was able to recover deleted folders.

During the update the computer was restarted many times, this had made a lot of changes on the drive. Despite the odds, the software successfully recovered most of the user’s data in good condition.

Furthermore, saving the recovered data on the same drive would have damaged the recovered data even more due to overwriting. For these reasons, our tech support team suggested the user buy a brand new external hard drive to save the recovered folders.  He was able to save 28GB data successfully on the new drive.

Although the data was recovered most of them were corrupted since the tech support team acted fast the user was able to recover most of the data in good condition. But due to the overwriting, that took place during the update, few recovered data was corrupted. This is where the deep scan engine of the Remo Recover software came to the rescue.

The Deep Scan engine

Understanding the extent of damage that was caused on the recovered files, the tech support associate guided the user to perform an advanced scanning procedure. The deep scan algorithm is a feature unique only to Remo Recover. Even as the hard drive was overwritten multiple times the data recovered was in good condition.

This is because the deep scan engine was able to scan the drive sector by sector and recover lost data. Files of various formats such as PDF, JPEG, DOX and many more were recovered. The user was happy not just because he recovered all the files but also because the files recovered were in good condition.

In any data loss situation acting fast and smart can help you get back most of your data. This is exactly what Remo offers; the quick and responsive tech support along with smart and adaptive data recovery software, any user can get back their data regardless of how the data has been lost.

The above-mentioned case is just an illustration among a thousand other reported cases where the data was lost due to formatting of the computer, permanent deletion of the files, and when the computer crashed. In all the cases data recovery was made possible, with Remo Hard Drive Recovery.

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