How to Take Awesome Selfie with Your Budget Smartphone

Selfie! One of the most famous activities of the present world. You must have taken selfies with your friends and family very often. Either you or some of the friends become so excited about clicking more and more pictures. More or less, there is a Selfie culture that has captured all of us. Let’s discuss how to take better Selfie and click our moments in a better way.

The Story of Selfie

Taking a Selfie is fun, at the same time it is an art and a technique too. We become too involved in enjoying the moment and sometimes we lose focus on its artistic part. Now a day, we have so many good quality mobile phone cameras and a lot of applications to process the clicked Selfie.

take awesome selfie

To gather it all, we will go through some of the most interesting aspects of taking Selfie. At instances, you might not have realized the techniques you used. While on the other, there are many things that you just neglect to save the fun of clicking Selfie.

Here is Your Guide on How to Take Better Selfie

There are a number of mobile phones floating around in the market these days. What’s trending, are the exceptional quality front camera. We don’t have to ask why? Of course, we all like to take Selfie whenever we get a chance. Here are some of the factors to improve your Selfie and the art of taking good Selfie.

Light Consideration – The first thing to consider with every photo is light. You must have seen so many mobile phones that speak about taking good images, Selfie in low light. Some phones even have a front flash for Selfie. But light is one of the most crucial factors in taking images.


  • Give importance to light and the look for a better light every time you want to click one Selfie.
  • Try to go for natural light, it always has a better effect in photos. It exposes better colors in your photo and makes the photo look beautiful.
  • Avoid using flash as much as you can. It induces some unnecessary reflections into the image.
  • It would be better if you can use filtered light. Filtered with a curtain, or diffused by some aspect. Most of the sensors are digital and can expose up to their limits. A diffused light helps develop a good image.

Avoid Mirrors – Try to click Selfie without using a mirror. Avoid it as much as you can. Mirrors do not reflect a perfect image and have a tendency to distort light. Taking a picture using mirror will display your mobile phone/camera. It will also display a glare in the image. If the mirror is not perfectly clean, your image will have all kind of cuts and glares.

If you want to take a full-length Selfie, try to stretch your arms or use a Selfie stick. Try to tilt the camera in such a way that displays your full-length photo.

awesome selfie with smartphone

Background Does Matter – of course, the Selfie is for you, but taking the background in consideration is very important for your photo.

  • Try to select a better background for your image. Look around once before you start clicking rigorous Selfie.
  • Positioning is another aspect, if you have a very good background and you haven’t positioned yourself in front, then you are not utilizing the background.
  • The background makes an ambiance of your photo.

Use Good Filters – With so many different processing applications, phones are filled with a huge number of effects and filters. Try to use adequate and fewer filters for your photo.

  • Use just one effect and decide which one is correct for your situation.
  • Post clicking, use fewer filters as you can. Using more filters will have an inverse effect on the quality of your image.
  • Use simple filters that make less use of colors like monochrome, sepia etc. they enhance your image quality.


Find a Good Angle – Using the front camera of your smartphone is a good choice. There are so many smartphones that provide a very good front camera these days.

  • Tilt your camera in different directions and try to perceive some of the best angles with present light.
  • Try to rotate your face in different angles and find some of the best features of your face.
  • Use a Selfie stick and have a look at various sides of the scene. It will give you a very good idea where you can click best pictures of yourself.


Focus on Best Features – The camera should always have specifics to focus on. With everything else, there should be a point to display in the Selfie.

  • If you want to display some new features just like new piercings, haircuts etc. try focusing on one specific feature.
  • If you have accessories you have just got like new shades, jewels etc. make it the shining point for your Selfie.
  • Try to find the best spots or part of your face, and the angle where it looks the best.

Blossom the Photo with a Smile – A smile will always add more beauty to your image. So whenever you take pictures, show your cheerful expression.

  • Whatever the point of focus is, your smile will always help the image become attractive.
  • Expressions make the photos memorable, loveable and interesting. So give your best expressions while taking a Selfie.

Include Your Friends – Include your friends sometimes, call other people to share a part of your Selfie. It enhances the happiness level of your photo.

With so much of space in smartphones we are prone to click as many photos as we want. But having good and clear photos are as important as clicking a large number of photos.


Finally, I would suggest you to try making Selfie videos with friends sometimes, it is quite a good experience. It also gives you a great opportunity to observe the angles and different scenarios of light. There are also issues of securing the photos, just like clicking them. The number of images clicked and videos recorded need to be stored carefully.

Note - It is most common to use the internet in smartphones which make your photos and videos vulnerable. Even if you are able to recover your lost videos and photos they are a constant threat of corruption. Learn about recovering repaired mov files.

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