How To Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin? | 2 Highly Successful Methods

If you delete a file temporarily on your Windows computer, it will be moved to the Recycle Bin.  Any temporarily deleted file can be restored from the Recycle Bin provided you have not permanently deleted it or emptied the Recycle Bin. Are you looking for a solution to perform Recycle Bin recovery? Here are the two successful methods to safely recover deleted files from Recycle Bin. Note: Make sure you stop using your computer after soon after deleting the files from the Recycle Bin. Performing any operations like adding new files or updating any existing documents on your Windows computer

How to Fix Damaged Photos using Photoshop?

Most of the photos we click don’t end up as we expect as they are often damaged due to various digital noises or interference. For example grainy photos, overexposure photos or low saturated photos. Fortunately, all these digital noises on photos can be easily adjusted with the help of Photoshop applications. It is not required for you to be some Photoshop wiz to fix any of these errors. Here are simple tools that will help you fix the damaged photo using Photoshop and bring it back to life.  Here are some of the Most Common Disturbances that Ruin our Photos

How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows Server

When you use a shared network such as Microsoft Windows Server, there can be multiple users accessing the data on the server, hence there can be times when multiple files from various locations can be deleted. Fortunately, there is a way to recover deleted files from Windows Server. Continue reading for instructions on retrieving deleted files from Windows Server. How to Restore Deleted Files on Windows Server from Recycle Bin Just like on a Windows computer, the Windows Server also has the Recycle Bin option on the desktop. Therefore, any file that has been deleted will be moved to the

How to Fix Corrupt Master File Table?

Master file table (MFT) is a database that stores information of every file and directory in the NTFS volume. The information varies from the file name, location, size to date of file creation. In short, MFT acts as a directory and records all information of files in the file system. For instance, When you create a file in a partition or the volume, the Master file table gets updated instantly and its size also increases proportionally. Similarly, when you delete a file space where the file resides is marked for reuse. With this article, you will know what a Master

How to Fix Parsing Error on Photoshop?

“Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the JPEG data”, the word parse explains everything about this error. The word parse says read or analyze. That means Photoshop is unable to analyze the JPEG image you have uploaded. JPEG parsing error might be due to various reasons such as a corrupted JPEG file or incompatible image or even due to insufficient memory on your computer. Tracking the roots of this error can be a little complicated, nevertheless in this article is mentioned everything you required to fix this error without any complications. Fix the Parsing the JPEG

How to Recover Files from My Documents Folder

My Documents is a default folder found on a Windows computer. System files, Word documents, backup of your Outlook data and program data of all the other computer applications will be stored in this folder. However, files stored in My documents might get lost or deleted due to various reasons. In some instances, the whole My Documents folder can go missing. Read this informative write-up that helps you to recover files from My Documents folder for free or with the help of a professional tool that will be mentioned in the end. How Did you lose files From My Documents

How to Fix AVI Video File Header?

The header of an AVI file contains the metadata of the video such as bit rate of AVI file, number of video frames, size of a frame in pixels. So, a media player takes a header into reference when you play an AVI video. Hence, when the header file is broken or damaged you will receive a notification from the media player saying “Windows media player encountered an error while playing this video”. This error can be easily fixed with the help of this article. Follow the article for quick and easy instructions on fix AVI header. How to Fix

How to Fix Windows Update Errors in Windows 10 and 7?

Windows Update adds additional features or upgrades existing features on your Windows operating system like improved security, etc. However, in some cases, updating Windows can be difficult due to some errors or issues. Here is a detailed guide on how to fix Windows Update errors with the most reliable troubleshoot methods. Follow this guide to fix Windows Update errors if you have encountered any of the following Windows Update error codes such as 0x0xc1900223223, 0x8007000E, 0x80240034, 0x80242006​, 0x80240438​, 0x80244018​, 0x80D02002​, etc. while Updating your Windows 10, 7 and 8.1 How to Fix Windows Update Errors? The following 10 methods to

How to fix Invalid JPEG Marker Type Error on Photoshop

Sometimes you might not be able to access the JPEG files with the Photoshop application. When this happens, you might have come across an error message stating “Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found”. Fortunately, there are few methods to fix this particular error. To know more about the error, and the troubleshooting steps, adhere to the end of the article. Why does “Invalid JPEG marker” error occur? The invalid JPEG marker error on Photoshop occurs when you try to open a non-JPEG file that is saved with JPEG file extension If

How to make the External Hard drive compatible with Mac and Windows?

An external hard drive that supports both Windows and Mac operating systems can be extremely helpful to users who work on both the operating systems.  However, Windows was mainly optimized for NTFS (New Technology file system) format, on the other hand, APFS was created for the Mac OS.As we all know NTFS is not compatible with Mac and similarly APFS does not get along with Windows. Fortunately, you could create an external hard disk which is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS with the help of this article. This does not require any third-party application or assistance of any