How to avoid USB stick data loss?

USB stick is one of smallest storage device that can store data in huge amount and it is comfortable in portability. Majorly, many users use USB stick to transfer data from one system to other or to preserve backup of important data. As storing resumes, portfolio, photos, documents or whatever, on a USB stick and bringing it to printer shop to take printout of them and finding that no data in it.  Do not let it to happen to you. Go through below mentioned measures to preserve USB stick data intact.

  • Always eject USB sticks using “Safe Remove” option only

Whenever you eject USB stick from connected systems without using “Safe Remove” option that leads to USB Stick corruption because when you tell your PC to safely remove connected USB Stick, you essentially warning the OS that you are going to eject it. Hence, it writes all requests in its cache to the disk and tells all background running applications to stop accessing it. In case if you do not wait until this action finishes, then it results in a corrupt file system and data stored on it will get loss. Therefore, always practice to eject USB Stick using “Safe Remove” option only.

  •  Do not transfer data without scanning using updated antivirus tool

Suppose you moved some amount of data into USB stick to other PC. In case, moved data is affected by virus and malware threats then it affects all data stored on it and results in USB stick file corruption. Finally, all data may be disappeared as they severely affected by threats. So, before moving or copying any data into your USB Stick, make sure that no virus infection by scanning using updated antivirus application.

  • Don’t frequently insert and eject USB stick when it is not recognized as soon you connect it

This is one of the mistakes can do by most of USB stick users and lose their data stored on it. Sometimes, when you connect USB stick to computer or Laptop, it does not recognize your USB stick soon or might not recognize. In such situation, user in a hurry will eject and insert again to make it recognizable but repeating this process repeatedly will leads to inaccessible USB stick and results in data loss.

Suppose even though following above-mentioned precautions in preventing data from USB stick, if you have lost your most important data and you wish to recover them then do not worry because Remo Recover Windows application comes handy in order to perform USB data recovery from different brands of USB Sticks in simple way.

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