How to Boot from a USB Device?

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Even though the computers are designed to boot from internal hard drives by default, users can change the boot order sequence to boot the system from another device such as external hard drives, pen drives, and other USB devices. Before you perform the booting process of the computer through a USB device, you should access the BIOS Setup Utility and change the boot order sequence. In order to change the boot order sequence follow below mentioned steps.

  • Turn on your computer by switching on the power button. Follow all the on-screen instructions carefully to enter into the BIOS setup utility. Most PCs use keys like F2, F10, ESC DEL, etc to enter into the BIOS setup
  • In the BIOS setup utility, look for a tab labeled “Boot Order”, “Boot Options” or “Boot.”  Utilize the PC’s keyboard arrow to navigate through the tab
  • Choose the Boot Order tab and change the boot order sequence by selecting Removable Drives or USB Device. Use arrow keys to navigate the boot order sequence
  • After choosing, press the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Now your PC will boot from the USB device first
  • After modifying the Boot Device Order, press “F10” to save those settings and exit from the BIOS Setup Utility. Click on “Yes” on the confirmation window, the moment you do this operation the computer will restart and allow the computer to boot up as normal
  • Shut down the system
  • Connect your USB drive to the computer
  • Now start the system. It will recognize the USB device and boot from it

The above-mentioned steps guide you systematically about what should do before booting from USB device in simple way. After following all these steps you can easily boot the system from a connected USB device without any struck in between the booting process. In case while performing these steps by accidentally make any unfavorable changes to the existing OS and come across a problem with booting the system then do not worry about the data stored on it because using Remo Recover Windows tool you can easily restore all lost data in few minutes.

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