How to Browse in Private on Android

There are times when you prefer to browse sites on your Android device in private mode, also called as incognito mode. You would want to browse in private on your Android phone especially when you have to log into your account, when you don’t want advertising from targeting you, when you have to login to multiple accounts, while researching something in private, etc.

Private browsing in Android allows you to browse websites without saving information regarding your browsing and download history, search history, form data, cookies, etc, in your browser. While your web history is usually saved on the device; private browsing means that you don’t have to clear the browser history when you exit the browser, as your history will not be saved.

Here we tell you how to browse privately in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, on Android, including other browsers of Android:

On Google Chrome:  Launch Google Chrome and Tap on the Menu (three dots in vertical) in the top right corner. From the available options, Tap on New incognito tab. When you open incognito tab, an icon which resembles a secret agent will be displayed in the upper left corner of the browser window. You can now start to surf privately.


On Mozilla Firefox: Launch Mozilla Firefox from your app drawer. Tap on the option from top right corner. It is an image with “1” on it. The browser menu will be pulled down. Now tap on the Mask icon from the menu. This icon suggests private browsing. When you are in the Mask tab, tap on the “Plus” icon to launch a new private browsing tab. A greeting message explaining what private tab does in Mozilla Firefox will appear.


UC Browser: UC Browser allows you to enable private browsing mode in normal window, instead of dedicating a complete new function to private browsing. As long as the option is enabled in the browser, the website information will not be saved. Just launch UC Browser from your Android device, tap on Tab icon. Then tap on Mask icon which enables private browsing mode.


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