How to Check Hard Drive Issues on Mac?

Do wish to check issues with the hard drive on your Mac? You can easily check for any issues and meanwhile fix them if you wish too. In this page, I have explained few steps to how to check hard drive issues on Mac. You just go through each step and do the same in your system.

  • Click on the “Go” option from the top Finder toolbar and select “Applications” from drop-down menu. Open the application folder and then click on the “Utilities” folder.
  • Next double click on the “Disk Utility” icon, a pop-up screen will display. Choose the hard drive that you wish to check issues with it on the left side of the pop-up screen.
  • Next press on the “Info” button, in order to check information about the chosen hard drive. Check the S.M.A.R.T. status. Suppose if reads “Verified”, your hard disk could not have any issues, add the problem you encountering is due to other issues. If the status display “Failing”, you hard disk might have issues and is on the edge of dead.
  • Go back to Disk Utility pop-up box, and press on the “Repair Disk Permissions” button to carryout Disk Utility check and fix issues of your hard disk.
  • After performing this step, if you still have any issues with your hard drive, perform safe boot. Reboot your system, and when it starts up, hold the “Shift key” to go into Safe Mode. Now, reboot your system again, but this time starts it normally.

By performing all these instructions mentioned above in your Mac system one can easily test their hard disk and meanwhile fix them too. Suppose, even though performing disk repair, still you encountering errors with your hard disk then it is best to consult hardware support and asks for suggestion. If it is possible to fix the errors from them then it is fine.

Suppose, you are unable to fix the issues of your hard drive, data stored on it will get loss. If you wish to restore them without losing any data from it, then get assistance from Remo Recover Mac data recovery application. This is one of the robust and reliable applications, which can easily perform crashed Mac hard drive recovery with great ease.

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