How to Connect a Mac to VPN

Are you searching for a solution to know how to connect your Mac computer to VPN? Then refer this article which will let you know simple and easy steps…

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a type of network that extends your private network across public network, usually the Internet. Most of organizations use this VPN technology to enable remote users to securely connect to a private network. However, in order to connect your Mac computer to VPN you need to provide necessary configuration settings in Network preferences. Some of the essential configuration settings include VPN server details like address, account name, and authentication setting like certificate or password given by network administrator.

When you have a VPN settings file then open the file by double clicking on it. Once the file is opened it will automatically import all the settings to open Network preferences. If the file doesn’t import the settings automatically then you can manually do this by navigating to “Apple > System Preferences > Network > then choose Import Configurations from pop-up menu”, now select the VPN setting file and click on Import option.

In case you do not have VPN setting file and have essential information through which you can connect to VPN then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Select Apple Menu > System Preferences and then select Network.
  • Click on Add button (+) which is situated at the bottom of network connection services list, now select VPN from pop-up menu
  • Here just select the VPN connection that you desire to have; then just go to VPN Type pop-up menu, provide the necessary details like VPN service name, server address, account name and others
  • Select Authentication Settings, here enter the authentication info which were provided by network admin
  • After entering necessary info click OK and then click on Connect

You can make use of “Show VPN status in menu bar” to connect VPN, to switch between VPN services, and check VPN status. Nevertheless, you need a high speed internet on Mac for a hassle-free connection. But, many times due to browser junk issues your internet speed might slow down. Under such instances, just install Remo MORE app on your Mac to speed up internet connection. The app clears all sorts of browser issues and provides speedy VPN connection.

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