How to Connect Mac to TV ?

Ever wanted to connect your Mac machine to your TV? You may want to connect your Mac to your television to display a video presentation, play computer games or share home movies. By doing this you can even use TV as a giant external monitor, playback video or watch movie on a bigger screen.  However, before connecting your Mac to TV, first you need to determine the type of adapter that is required fro establishing connection. You need to get an adapter that supports the video port on your Mac computer and your TV.

  • If you want to connect Mac to the HDMI port of your TV then, you need a thunder-bolt to HDMI or Mini-Display port to HDMI adapter
  • In any case your Mac has a Mini-Display Port to VGA port then, you will need a Mini-Display Port to VGA adapter
  • There are chances wherein both your Mac and TV would have HDMI ports; in such cases you don’t need any adapters, just a HDMI cable would be sufficient

However, most of the modern televisions will include a VGA port and a high definition sets that would generally have at least one HDMI and/or DVI port. Once you determined which adapter to use, then you can just start the below explained steps:

Step 1:  Connect your Mac computer to the television with both the wires, start the connecting with the video wire

Step 2: Then set up your television according to the input for which your Mac machine is connected. For example, In case you have connected your Mac input to the HDMI port then just adjust the television screen to the HDMI input.

Step 3: Now, your Mac should recognize the television as a new display after which it will start outputting audio and video to it immediately. In case this doesn’t happen then go to Apple -> System Preferences, and click on Displays and then choose the Detect Displays option

Step 4: Then, just make use of the OS X to set up the Mac's output mode.  For this just go into the "Displays" panel as explained in the above step and click the "Arrangement" tab. Now at the middle of the window you will see two boxes;

  • Large blue box with a gray strip on top: Represents Main screen i.e. Mac’s display
  • Smaller blue box attached to it: Represents Television

Step 5: You can then move these boxes around and switch your screen’s orientation. After this just select which screen you need to act as the “Main” display. In case you want both the screens to display the same content then check the “Mirror Displays” option located at the bottom left corner.

With this your Mac is now connected to your TV. Meanwhile, to connect your Mac to TV, you need to have a high performing Mac. For a new Mac, this would not be a issue. But as your Mac becomes older, its performance degrades and hence couldn’t work effectively when connected to Television. However with the help of Remo MORE application that is available for free can easily improve Mac performance drastically so that you can get the best Mac experience even when it is connected to TV.

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