How to Convert File System from RAW to NTFS

RAW drive is a hard disk partition that has not been formatted with any of the file system like FAT12 /FAT16 / FAT32 or NTFS / NTFS5. The RAW drive can be caused due to numerous factors including virus invasion, sudden power surges, abrupt shutdown of system, format failure, etc. Whenever you try to access the RAW drive, you will encounter an error message stating “The disk drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” In such instances, if you click on “No” option, the drive cannot be accessed. Whereas, if you click on “Yes” option, you will lose all of the files stored on this disk.

Whenever you come across such situation, avoid RAW drive formatting before restoring to NTFS file system, or else you will lose all files. But how to change or convert file system from RAW to NTFS without formatting and data loss? Don’t worry, there are just 4 easy steps to change / convert file system from RAW to NTFS.

Step 1: Select the RAW file system drive which you want to change to NTFS

Step 2: Click on”Next” option to scan the RAW file system disk you want to change to NTFS

Step 3: Testify the files in RAW file system drive before you convert it to NTFS file system.

Step 4: Click “Fix Drive” and then convert RAW drive to NTFS file system without data loss. Soon after this process, all your data will be back.

These steps are very simple to execute but however needs thorough knowledge on these file systems. A simple mistake can land you in losing your vital data, hence it is important to be very careful while performing these steps.  In case you opted a wrong choice and lost your data, then don’t worry you can easily get entire files back using Remo Recover software. This tool can easily perform raw file system recovery Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista and other available Windows OS in just few minutes.

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