How to Copy Contacts from Android to PC

You might have a maintained a hundreds from years on your Android phone. But what if you lose your Android phone or it crashes? You may delete important contacts without checking them? It can be very frustrating to lose those vital contacts. If you have had a copy of contacts on your PC then it could help you. Here are some simple ways to copy the Android contacts to your computer:

Method 1: Using Backup and Restore option

Some of the Android phones will have an option to backup all your smartphone data to the memory card completely. From which you can easily move to your PC using a card reader. Follow the below listed steps:

  • In your Android phone search for Backup and Restore option
  • In the next screen you will see two options – one is Backup and the other is Restore. Now just go to BACKUP option.
  • Now, in the other page you will get two options i.e. one for Personal Data this includes contacts and other for and other one for your Installed applications.
  • Select Personal Data option to copy contacts and on click on Backup to SD Card. With this all your personal data including contacts will be copied to your memory card.
  • Using card reader you can then transfer Android contacts to your PC

Method 2: Backup Contacts Individually

This Backup and restore option may not be available in all brands of Android phones, in such cases you need to backup the contacts individually. Below explained steps helps you:

  • First open your Contacts on your Android phone
  • Now, from the Contacts folder click on Menu
  • In the contacts menu just click on “Import / Export or Export to SD” option
  • Sometimes you will be asked for a permission to create the Vcard, if so then click on YES
  • With this a copy of all your contacts will be created on your Android  phone’s memory card
  • Then, you can copy those contacts to your computer using a card reader
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