How To Create And Setup Outlook Archive?

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Are you looking how to create archive folder on Outlook? You will get to know various ways to create archive folder in Outlook, make sure to read the complete article to create archive folder in Outlook

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Your Outlook application consists of several emails and attachments which consumes a lot of storage space on the server. To regulate your Outlook inbox and folders, archiving is done. There are two types of archiving which is Manual archive for Outlook version 2003/ 2007/ 2010 and Auto archive for Outlook 2019 and 2016.

This increases the efficiency of the Outlook by storing the archived folders as a .pst file and can be accessed whenever needed. Read this informative write-up till the end to know how to create and setup Outlook archive folder

What is Outlook Archive Folder?

The Outlook archive Folder is a separate folder within Outlook, archive folders are mostly used to store and referred to again when you need it.

Why setting up Outlook archive folder is necessary?

Email archiving will speed up the process whenever your data needs to be restored. It is because the archived data takes up less space. In addition to this, restoring non-archived emails becomes easier and faster because the mail server’s data load is lessened. Outlook archive folder also to keep your inbox clear of messages that you have already answered and you can store items in the archive folder and still access them easily.

As we have understood what is Outlook archive folder and what are it’s advantages  in the above section now let’s learn about how to create archive folder.

How to Create Outlook Archive Folder Manually?

To create an Outlook archive file on Outlook 2019 or 2016, follow the steps mentioned-below.

  • Open Outlook application, click on File and select Tools.
  • Select Set Archive Folder… and wait for the dialogue box to open as shown in the image below.
  • Check the Archive this folder and all subfolders option and select the desired folders that you want to be archived.
  • Select the date to transfer the files or folders older than the given date.
  • The default archive location is: C:\Users\Username\Documents\Outlook Files\archive.pst

How to Setup Auto Archive on Your Outlook?

The auto archive can be done by following the below-mentioned steps

  • Open Outlook application, click on File and select Options.
setup outlook archive folder
  • Click on Advanced and select Auto Archive Setting and a dialogue box opens as shown below.
preference settings to enable auto archive
  • Select the clean older time duration, the archive file location and then click on OK.

The best possible way to archive an OST file is by converting it to a PST file using a tool that can convert OST to PST format.

How to create an Archive folder in Outlook 365?

  • Log in to Outlook using an Office 365 account. Now, open the folder from where you want to archive emails.
  • Select the specific emails and right-click on them. A wizard will appear on the screen. Press the Archive button to move these emails to the archive mailbox.

Incase if you want to take a backup of items in Outlook, you can take it using Remo Outlook backup and migrate . Remo Outlook and backup tool is a simple one click backup methodology, the tool make sure to take complete backup of Outlook items with all attributes including Outlook rules and settings.

Refer this video to easily backup Outlook items using Remo Outlook backup and Migrate tool.
Easily back up your Outlook items with the Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate tool.


As presented above auto archive feature for Outlook can be a precautionary measure to avoid any Outlook downtime, but it is no alternative to a regular backing up of your Outlook data.

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