How to Create Windows 8 Recovery Disk

Usually when users install or upgrade to Windows 8 they don’t get benefited by its advanced features. And one of the most useful feature of Windows 8 operating system is Recovery Drive or Disk. When you create Recovery Disk on a media then it can be used when your computer does not boot up, this will facilitate you to use some set of advanced repair and troubleshooting tools. Once the recovery disk is created then you will be able to boot Windows 8 from it easily.

One of the very first thing what you need to do when you are using Windows 8 is to create recovery disk. But don’t worry if you have not taken it previously and you have stuck in a situation where you are unable to boot. This is because you can even create recovery disk from any other working computer which has Windows 8 operating in it. But keep in mind about the bits i.e. 32 bit and 64 bit version.

Here is how you can create recovery disk:

  • Open control panel and under setting enter recovery as text in start search, a list of options will be suggested. From the suggested list select Create a recovery drive
  • Once you open Create a recovery drive, at the main screen click on Next option then you will be prompted to connect the device. If you have already connected it will show up. In addition, CD drive or DVD ROM can also be used for creating recovery disk. However USB recovery drive was first introduced in Windows 8. Select the appropriate media in which you are convenient and proceed by clicking Next.
  • After clicking Next you will be prompted by a warning message that the entire data which is residing on the drive may get deleted, just ignore it
  • Wait for the process to complete successfully.

Thus, your Recovery Disk is created. Whenever your Windows 8 computer isn’t booting appropriately then make use of this method to solve the issue. There can be many reasons for inappropriate booting; however with this recovery disk you could easily fix the issue. But at time there can be data loss while performing recovery disk process. In case you have come across any such situations then utilize Remo Recover (Windows) software to easily restore all your data back. Because it is more user friendly in nature and has been designed using effective algorithms that makes recovery process simple. In addition, you can make use of this application to recover formatted disk on Windows system in simple steps. Click on link to know more...

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