How to Create Zip Archive on Mac OS X?

Making Zip archives on Mac OS X is not a difficult task. The necessity of making a zip archive comes for all the users in one or the other way. Some makes zip archives by compressing a large number of files to free some space on their systems and some used this advance technique to transfer large number of files over a network.

Mac OS X Finder provides an option to make zip formatted compressed archives of multiple files. Compressed archives provide a fast and handy method to decreases the size of one or more files or folders prior to transferring them over the network and provides easy for data backup. Here are a few simple instructions that will help you to save memory space on your Mac OS X system.

  • In an open Finder window right-click on a file, folder, or files you wish to zip archive
  • You can select all files using “command-A” or Shift-click to individually choose the multiple files
  • Ctrl-click on files and choose “Compress Items”
  • Find the newly created .zip archive in the same directory

By following these steps carefully you can create a successful zip archive file. However, some users find difficulty in creating zips archive and some of them use third party application to zip several files. By utilizing Remo Zip for Mac  application one can easily create zip archives on Mac OS X. It is the most secure and dynamic utility to compress files on Mac machines. This advance freeware application offers 10 different levels of file compression and you can easily compresses any number of files without loss of data.

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