How to delete Outlook profile?

Outlook is one of the major email application used for business purpose, in that we can create number of profiles to maintain different email accounts in a single host system. Each Outlook profile could consists of email account information including settings of specific user. Suppose you have created three or more profiles of different user email accounts. After some days, you may feel uncomfortable for having two or more profiles in your Outlook because you cannot switch between profiles when Outlook is running. Due to this, you may decide to delete profiles, but if you do not know how to do it then follow below mentioned instructions to remove Outlook profile successfully.

Steps to delete Outlook profile without losing information

  • Initially performing this action, make sure that you have closed Outlook
  • Open Control panel
  • View the user accounts
  • In Vista, choose User Accounts option. In Windows 7 or 8, choose User Accounts and Family Safety option and proceed to next step
  • Click on Mail and click on Show Profiles option
  • Now, chose the Outlook profile you wish to delete
  • After selecting specific profile, click the Remove option and click Yes

After following above steps, desired Outlook profile get deleted successfully from Outlook and no more access permission will not be available for viewing emails of deleted profile user. In addition, by following this procedure deleted profile’s PST data remains intact.  By chance if you have deleted other profile instead of desired one and somehow lost its PST data then what to do? Don’t worry, in case if you have come this type of scenario then use Remo Repair Outlook PST application to recover all lost PST data such as emails, contacts, notes, etc.  This tool also comes handy to fix corrupt Outlook profile when it is corrupted due to virus attacks and other reasons.

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