How to Delete Contacts in Windows Mail?

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Windows Mail is an email and newsgroup client included in Windows Vista. It is successor of Outlook Express, and was in turn predecessor of Windows Live Mail. This Windows mail comes as in-built into Windows and allows you to exchange email messages through multiple accounts. It offers many ways to keep all your data organized, such as having a folder for each email account, having a list of contacts etc. In case you have many unwanted contacts in your Windows mail account, then it offers few easy steps to delete them.

Here are the easy steps that help you to delete the contacts from Windows Mail easily:

  1. Go to Start menu by clicking on the Windows
  2. Click on “All Programs
  3. From the list of programs locate "Windows Contacts" and click on it
  4. Now, all your Windows Mail contacts will be listed
  5. From the list just select the names of the contacts that you want to delete
  6. Hit the “Delete” option that is located on the top bar

This will delete all the selected contacts from your Windows Live. But while selecting the contacts make sure you choose only those that are not required and are unwanted. Check twice before you delete the contacts else you might delete the important contacts. Hence, with the above steps you can easily delete all your Windows mail contacts.

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