How to Disable Automatic Restart Windows 8

Automatic restart usually takes place when some activities such as Windows update, software installation, system errors and many more takes place. For an instance assume that you have updated your Windows 8 operating system and the computer now prompts you to restart the computer, but at present you might not like to restart your computer as some other important operation is been in progress. You may now think that how can I disable the automatic restart in Windows 8? What are the possible measures which can be employed so that there is no harm to my computer?

However, don’t worry; there are many possible ways by which you can safely disable automatic restart of your computer, but at current you can go through one simplest way of disabling your automatic restart on Windows 8. This can be accomplished by using Group Policy Editor; just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Type gpedit.msc in Run dialog (Press Windows + R to open it) and press enter.
  • Navigate through the following tabs Computer Configuration –> Administrative Template –> Windows Component –> Windows Update
  • Now you can see “No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations” option, just right click on it to proceed further
  • A new window may appear, select “Enabled” option, click on apply option and then click on OK

The above mentioned are the steps which are applicable only when you want to disable the restart when windows update has been installed, but for other operation it may get restarted normally. For example, many a times a computer may abruptly get restart due to hardware failure or operating system errors. In such cases you might even lose data. But with Remo Recover software you can easily recover all your data back in just few minutes. However, if automatic restart is disabled then you can avoid your computer to get restarted instantly without any intimation. Below are the steps which can be followed when you suspect that an abrupt restart may be due to a hardware driver failure or operating system error.

  • At the Start screen type view advanced, from the search result click on “View advanced system settings”
  • A “System Properties” window will appear, select “Advanced” tab and click on “Setting” under “Startup and Recovery” section.
  • In the next window, remove the check mark next to “Automatically restart” that is located under System failure section and then click on OK
  • Restart the computer 

Useful tips:

Avoid installing programs which you may find online for modifying system registry that can prevent your computer from restart, these programs may sometimes masquerade as a malware and damage your computer.

It is recommended to restart your computer when it pops out for a restart, because the Windows operating system require a restart to make some system related changes which are very important. Therefore, apply the above mentioned steps only when you are in very much need.

Note: Suppose if you have lost data from Windows 8 hard disk due to any reasons then make use of third party recovery software to restore those lost data. Remo Recover Windows is one such efficient application that can easily restore all types of data from Windows 8 hard disk in simple steps. You can also make use this software to recover deleted folder on Windows 8 system. To know more click on provided link…

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