How to Downgrade from Windows 10

No doubt Windows 10 is a powerful operating system and has some great new features like Windows Hello, Edge Browser, Virtual Desktop, Device Guard and many such. But some people just can’t get that comfort of their previous Windows versions. They might have got messed up with the PC settings or with its new interface. Don’t worry, thank fully Microsoft has provided an option to roll back from Windows 10 to their older version of Windows. With just few simple steps, you can uninstall Windows 10 upgrade and rollback to any previous Windows versions like Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. Read below:

Step 1: Before starting with downgrading process first take complete backup of all your data and save it on nay external drive.

Step 2: Type “Settings” in the task bar search menu and from the list click on “Settings” icon. This will open PC Settings window and then select “Update and Security” option.

Step 3: In the consecutive window, click on Recovery option, which provides 3 different options:

  • Reset this PC: This option will bring back your PC to its original factory settings by removing everything and reinstalling your Windows OS.
  • Go back Windows X: This option will get your previous Windows back on your PC without affecting your documents and files. Here "X" is the version of Windows that you were using prior to upgrading to Windows 10)
  • Advanced Start-up: Using this option you can change your PC settings with a Windows image or a USB/DVD.

Among these options, go for - Go Back to Windows X, click on Get Started. You would then be asked to give your feedback and the reason for downgrading from Windows 10.

Step 4: Just provide your feedback and reasons if any and continue with the process by clicking on “Next”.

Step 5: Make sure the process doesn’t get interrupted, to be on safer side ensure you have backup of your entire data and just click on ‘Go back to Windows X’ button.

The process would take several minutes or sometimes even hours’ depending on the speed of the computer just wait for the process to complete. You need to remember the username and password that you used to login to your previous Windows versions. Once downgrading process is completed, your Windows computer will be automatically booted into your previous version of Windows. You might have to reinstall some apps and reconfigure some of your PC Settings.

NOTE: Roll Back can be done only if the windows.old or other files and folders are available is available.

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