How to downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

Most of the users after using Windows 8 operating system that is preinstalled on new laptop want to downgrade it to Windows 7 due to numerous reasons. Some of the most common reasons are - the Metro “Modern UI” start screen of desktop use, lack of traditional start menu or software incompatibility issues. However downgrading Windows 8 to Windows 7 looks simple task but requires prior technical knowledge due to its high resource tricky steps:

Well, if you really want to downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7, then just follow these simple guidelines mentioned below:

Step 1: First shutdown your laptop \ desktop and proceed toward BIOS settings by pressing Function (Fn) plus F2 button multiple times or delete / escape key and switch on the laptop.

Step 2: Next, from the TAB: Security Disable -> Secure Boot and make sure that it is disabled. After this go to Advanced TAB - > Select Virtualization Technology and just change it to Disable. Then go to

System Configuration -> hit enter button- >select book mode -> change UEFI BOOT to CSM Boot,

If you won’t change this setting then while booting Windows 7 OS CD, the process will get struck and process fails.

Step 3: Now go to Exit - > Exit saving changes -> Yes. After performing these steps laptop \ computer gets turned off.

Step 4: Again switch on your laptop and continuously press Fn plus F12 button to enter into boot menu. Next insert your Windows 7 CD and select CD \ DVD option from main screen - > Hit enter button, after this you will get a blue screen with command “Press any Key”. Next select boot manager - > enter -> Windows start loading files.

Step 5: Now a main screen of Windows 7 appears, here select preferred language - > install option - > Agree license terms – custom settings - > OEM Reserve line factor -> Drive option -> format hard disk. After completion of format process, click on “Next” option.

Step 6: Once done with these steps, the laptop itself restarts with Windows 7 operating system.

Note: Before downgrading Windows 8 to Windows 7 OS backup your important files and store them on external storage device.

However, while downgrading Windows 8 to Windows 7 OS if you forget to backup your important files and lost all data then don’t get panic. By making use of efficient data recover software like Remo Recover you can easily restore Windows 8 data with few clicks of mouse.

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