How to Email a Zip file? | Complete Guide

ZIP file is a renowned archive file format which is a compressed folder of more than one file or folder. ZIP files are not only easy to solve the complex problem of sending or emailing multiple large files at once but also allow users to download them in an organized manner with ease.

Sending your ZIP files using Gmail or Outlook is very useful if you want to send large-size files or folders to your clients, team members, superintendents, etc. especially when you don’t want to share large files using Google Drive link.

Below is a reliable way about how to send a zip file using Gmail and Outlook accounts. Also, learn how to safely compress your large files or folders to a ZIP format on Windows and Mac.

How to Compress or Create a ZIP file to Email?

Follow the below safest method of compressing your large files into ZIP format on Windows or Mac to email ZIP file or folder.

  1. Select and right-click the folder that you want to email in ZIP format.
  2. Click on Send to and then click Compressed (zipped) folder from the drop-down menu.
    Note: If you are converting files to ZIP on a Mac computer, then right-click on the folder or file and choose Compress from the drop-down menu.
    Create a ZIP file to Email
  3. Rename the ZIP file (optional) and save it to a location of your choice.
    rename a compressed ZIP file

 Note: If you are looking to email an already compressed ZIP file, then you need to extract ZIP files and then compress them separately. However, if you want to extract broken ZIP files then, you can make use of Remo Repair ZIP tool.

Important Tips | Read this before you Send a ZIP file using Gmail or Outlook 

  1. Some of the email providers do not allow senders to email a ZIP file as a security precaution or incompatibility with the ZIP file format. But with the help of Gmail and Outlook, you can easily email a ZIP file.
  2. If you want to compress your large files into ZIP on Mac, then you can make use of Remo ZIP for Mac software, which is a secure ZIP tool for Mac with 10 different compression levels from Superfast to Best. The free demo of this tool allows you to create a 4GB size of ZIP files on Mac.
  3. If you are looking to email more large files or folders. Then, make sure you compress them into more number of ZIP files rather than creating a single ZIP file to meet the maximum file size limit of your email service provider.
  4. Before you send an email, make sure the ZIP files are uploaded.

How to attach and send ZIP files in Gmail?

Gmail allows you to send files or folders only up to 25 MB. But if you are looking to attach and send large files using Gmail on Windows or Mac, then it is necessary for you to compress them to a ZIP file format which reduces the file size. After you compress large files into a ZIP file, follow the below steps to email ZIP files using Gmail.

  1. Log into your Gmail account by going to your Gmail App on Windows/ Mac or by going to
  2. Click on Compose to open a new email.
    Compose a new email to send ZIP file

  3. Click on Attach files at the bottom of the Window.
    Attach ZIP files to send email

  4. Select the ZIP files or folder which you want to email and click Open.
    select and attach ZIP files in email
  5. Once the ZIP file or folders are successfully uploaded in your New message window, add the recipients (email ID of receivers) to send them the ZIP files and click the Send option.
    send the Created ZIP file in Gmail

How to attach and email ZIP files in Microsoft Outlook?

If you are looking to send multiple large files to a client, then compress your large files to a ZIP file format and then follow the below steps to email ZIP folder using Outlook. 

  1. Open your Microsoft Outlook account and click on New Email.
    Open your Microsoft Outlook account to send ZIP file in email
  2. Now Choose the Insert tab and click on the Attach File option.
    Attach ZIP File in Outlook email
  3. Now add the recipient address that is your client’s email ID and click Send.
    Note: You can also add the Subject and Body of the email.
    send ZIP file in Outlook email

Bottom Line:

This article will help you create a .zip file to email it in simple clicks using Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.  Remember, sending ZIP files in email on Windows or Mac not only helps you exempt from the maximum size of uploading or sending large files on Gmail or other Email service providers but it also helps your clients to receive more files in a single email. 

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