How to enable cookies on Windows 8?

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Cookies are small packages of data sent from a web server and stored in the user’s local web browser. These cookies keep track of the loaded and unloaded elements to notify the server that all the elements of the website are available to the user or not. These cookies are lightweight programs so that they can fly easily from one end to the other end. In Windows 8 operating system the cookies option is not enabled by default. This means the cookies won’t track anything from the user side and submit to the web server or hosting server. This ensures data security in Windows 8. Sometimes some websites with large volume of data needs the cookies functionality to operate eminently. Some websites use these cookies to track the user’s activities on their website. Websites of those kinds won’t be loaded until and unless the cookies option is enabled in Windows 8.

There cookies can be enabled in two methods in the Windows 8 operating system. They are as follows.

  • Enabling cookies globally
  • Enabling cookies at the browser level

Enabling cookies globally in Windows 8:

On using this option the Windows 8 user can enable the cookie option globally as a result all the browsers installed in Windows 8 will be a cookie enabled one. To do this just follow the steps

  • Open the control panel in Windows 8 by using the run command box or direct clicking method.
  • In that select “Internet Options”
  • Click on “Sites” option
  • Enter the web address of the sites and click on Allow cookies
  • If needed set the severity and priority of the allowed cookies so that the data fetched by the cookies depends on it
  • After successfully enabling cookies click on “Apply” and “Ok
  • Now that particular website will be allowed for cookie transfer in all the installed browsers

Enabling cookies at the browser level:

In all the internet browsers there will be an option to enable or disable cookies. The default option varies from browser to browser. The user can enable or disable the cookie facility of a browser using either the “Tools” or “Settings” options in the browser. Some browsers provide privacy options to facilitate the user. Unwanted cookies can degrade the performance of the PC these cookies have to be cleared now and then. The best way to remove cookies frequently is by using the most efficient and trusted software like Remo MORE. In addition, it manages, recovers, optimizes, and enhances your device on multiple platforms in a single click.

Enable the cookie option in your Windows 8 OS only for trusted and well-known websites because there are several pirated websites, which use this cookie mechanism to steal the data from your Windows 8 PC.

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