How to erase unwanted objects from a photo using Photoshop

Photoshop is a best tool to edit or design photos in the field of cinematography. It stores its files in .psd and .pdd file extensions. This tool is used by web designers, poster creators, etc. for handling graphics. The added advantage of this Photoshop app is it allows users to crop, manipulate, resize, add logos, correct color on digital photos. In such case, do not worry as you can erase unnecessary objects from a photo using Photoshop.

For deleting unnecessary objects from a photo using Photoshop there is an option called Content-Aware Fill. It lets you to randomly choose a part of your photo and later make it disappear. You can select this option by using Edit ->Fill. 

Method 1: Content-Aware fill method has three steps, let us look at each step in brief:

Step 1: Make your selection

To make the item disappear, pick the Lasso tool and make the selection around the areas to erase. Avoid going close to the edges else you might end up deleting the portion of the needed object.

Step 2: Make the fill

Once you have made selection, go to Edit menu and click on Fill. Then on the Contents Use drop-down menu, select the Content-Aware option and later click OK.

Step 3: Touch-up

Now, use the Clone tool to brush over flaws to make the object disappear as if it never existed.

Method 2: There is another technique to remove unwanted objects from a photo using Clone Stamp tool:

Step 1: Open the start file

Download your image onto your HDD. Launch Photoshop application, go to File -> Open and browse the image you downloaded. Click “Open”. Next, click on thumbnail in the layers palette. Click on Cmd / Ctrl + J to generate a copy of the source image file. If you need these objects in future you can get it from this backed unedited version of the image.

Step 2: Zoom in closer

Select layer -> New -> Layer. Click OK. Now, you have a fresh transparent layer to edit onto. Grab Zoom tool and click on it to have a closer look at the unnecessary object beam. See the photo at 100% magnification. Now, grab the Clone Stamp tool to start extending the selected object over part of the beam. And remove it.

Hence with these methods you can easily remove the unwanted items on your photo using Photoshop. However they require patience and thorough knowledge to execute. A small mistake or incorrect option can corrupt your PSD file and make it inaccessible. Hence, in such cases you can use Remo Repair PSD tool to repair the damaged or corrupt PSD file with all its layers and settings intact. This application also has capable to fix Photoshop file association problem on both Windows and Mac systems. Click on link to learn more...

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