How to Find any Email on Outlook 2016?

Instant Email search has been the part of Outlook since its 2007 version. And, it’s not limited to just emails – you can even search for calendar items, tasks, etc.

In Outlook 2016, email finding process is much easy. Steps are described below.

1. Make sure that you’re in your email inbox. For that, the mail icon on the left column of Outlook window should be selected.


If the compact navigation option isn’t turned ON, you’ll see icons like this.


2. Find the search box. It’ll be located on the top of your email list.


3. If you are sure that there’s a particular word present in the email you are looking for, just type that word in search box and wait for results to appear. If the mail is from a particular person, you can search using his/her name in search box.

4. You can use search operators to narrow your search results. Here’s how to use it.

  • Search for “medical allowance” along with quotes to find emails containing exact phrase medical allowance.
  • Search for medical allowance AND taxable to find emails containing both words taxable and medical allowance.
  • Search for medical allowance NOT taxable to find emails containing the word medical allowance but not the word taxable.

5. Make sure that you have clearly defined the scope (where to search) of your searches. It’s possible to search all your mailboxes or just your current inbox.4out

Here you have selected Current Mailbox as scope. This change will be reflected in your search box.


6. Once you have defined the scope of your search, you can go to Refine group where you have a number of options to define what exactly you need to search for.


Here are some of the options:

From: shows only messages from a particular person.

Subject: used to filter your search results based on a keyword in the subject line.

Has Attachments: show only emails that have attachments.

Categorized: shows the messages flagged with a certain category.

This Week: allows you to filter messages based on the time you receive.

Sent To: filter messages based on email recipients.

Unread: shows all the messages you haven’t read yet.

Flagged: shows up messages that you’ve flagged to follow.

Important: displays messages that were marked with high importance.

More: you’ll see more email properties that you can use to filter your emails.

If you aren’t able to locate your emails even after a long search procedure, it’s the time you need to have a close look at your Outlook data file. Sometimes, this problem can have a clear reason – the mail you’re looking for won’t be available. It might get deleted due to any kind of accidental actions.
And, if you are sure, it’s the right reason for your outlook search issue, don’t hesitate to try a good Outlook email recovery tool. Even though, many of you think such a tool can cause inconvenience or become an additional cost for you, the importance of the deleted email can alleviate all such troubles.

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