How to find Photoshop Temp files on Mac?

Photoshop files are those files that are created by the leading photo-editing software called Adobe Photoshop.  These Photoshop files use PSD as their file extension and are fully featured image-processing and bitmap manipulation files in the PC and Macintosh computers. They allow the user to work with the individual layers of the images and edit them accordingly. Some of the Major applications of these Photoshop files include web designing, poster creation, promoting, desktop publishing, and other graphics work.  Moreover, these Photoshop files support all available image modes such as Bitmap, Grayscale, Duotone, Indexed Color, RGB, CMYK, Lab, and Multichannel.

Like all other applications, even Adobe Photoshop saves a copy of the files on which you are working on in a temporary folder on your Mac machines. Such files will be saved with the .tmp extension. Whenever you lose your Photoshop file or your Photoshop file that is being edited gets deleted one can make use of this Photoshop temp files and restore all their PSD files back.

The importance of temp files:

For instance, just imagine that the Adobe Photoshop program crashes on your Mac while editing a Photoshop file before saving the changes made. In such cases, you might lose your Photoshop file. Fortunately, with the help of the Photoshop temp files, you can easily recover your project. For this, one has to know the location of the Photoshop PSD files on your Mac in order to restore them back. How to search and locate the Photoshop temp files on Mac?


Below are the steps involved in finding the Photoshop temp files on your Mac machines, read further...

Step 1: Switch on your Mac machine and refresh it for several times

Step 2: Go to Applications and then in the next screen, search for and click on Utility option

Step 3: Now, in the Utility window you might find a list of numerous tools among them select the Terminal option and click on it, this will open the terminal window

Step 4: In the terminal window just type a command "open /tmp" (without quotation marks) in order to open the temp folder

Step 5: Wait for a while until the command is being processed, after completion, the temp folder will be opened

Step 6: With this, your temp folder on Mac will be opened; here you can see all the temp files that were stored on Mac. Among these, you can even find the Photoshop temp files. Some of the examples of the Photoshop temp files are Photoshop Temp15201, Photoshop Temp18714, and Photoshop Temp795956 etc.

Now, using these temp files, you can easily restore back the lost or deleted the Photoshop file on your Mac machine. In addition to this, even if the temp file is deleted or is corrupt, then what can be done? Don’t worry; in cases of Photoshop on your Mac machines, you can easily fix the corrupt PSD using Remo Repair PSD (Mac) utility. The tool is equipped with many advanced features that enable you to easily and securely fix damaged PSD file on Mac machines with all its layers and color code intact. The software supports all the versions of Adobe Photoshop including Photoshop CS7, CS6, CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, and many more.

Note: The PSD corruption issue is most common among Photoshop users. Just in few minutes learn to recover PSD files here and know how easy it is to regain all your nonfunctional Photoshop files.

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