How to Fix a PC that won’t Start in Safe Mode

Safe mode is a troubleshooting technique for Windows computers to help fix start up issues with your PC. When your computer starts in safe mode, only the basic files, folders and drivers required to run Windows will only be initialized while booting. However, sometimes if there are critical issues then your PC would fail to start on safe mode itself. In such cases, you need to use Startup Repair or System Restore options.

System Repair:  Fixes critical issues that prevent your computer from booting

Step 1: For this you need Windows DVD; insert the DVD into disc drive and then restart your computer. In case, you don’t have DVD, then just restart your Windows and load Windows Advanced Boot Options by pressing "F8”. Then just choose "Repair Your Computer" option and press "Enter."

Step 2: If you are prompted to install from DVD then just press any of the keys. Then just choose the language and required options and click "Next” and then from the "Install Windows" screen click on Repair Your Computer

Step 3: Confirm which version of Windows you want to repair and click  NEXT - > Startup Repair.

Now, Windows will start analysing your computer to check for any issues. Once scanning is done, just click on "Finish".  In case your Windows fails to boot even after running Startup Repair, then go for System Recovery Options.

System Restore - Returns your computer to initial state (Last working state)

Step 1: First click on System Restore -> Choose a Different Restore Point -> Next. Then just select a restore point from when your computer was last able to boot in to Windows normally and then click "Next"

Step 2: Once the process is completed, click on “Finish” and restore your PC to the required date and time.

Even after following these steps, if your computer still fails to boot into Windows or Safe Mode, then you have to reinstall your operating system. With these you can easily resolve issues with your computers that refuses to boot in Safe Mode.

NOTE: Before performing any of these operations make sure you have a back copy of your entire data on nay external storage device that is accessible. 


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