How to Fix an Invalid Partition Table

Partitioning is a process of dividing the hard drive into one or more logical sections referred as partition. A hard drive can have one or more partitions. At times, it is seen that most of the drives will have single partition. But having more than one partition helps user to organize data and save both system files and user files separately on different partitions. All the information related to these partitions is stored on partition table, thus if partition table becomes invalid or gets corrupt then the drive will not function correctly.

Symptoms indicating invalid partition:

Sometimes, your partition on the drive may show that it is unallocated or when you try to access it you may receive some error messages which are as mentioned below

  • Can't have overlapping partitions: When there is overlap of one partition with other then you will get this kind of error
  • Can't have a partition outside the disk: When the end of one partition is beyond the end of drive’s capacity
  • /dev/sda: unrecognized disk label:  This is usually showed when you connect a new drive or when you go wrong in allocating the partitions

Occurrences of these error messages indicate partition table corruption. However, there is no need to worry as you can easily fix this issue with simple steps as described below:

Instructions to fix invalid partition table

  • If you have connected any removable devices then disconnect all of them from your computer
  • Restart your computer
  • Press or hold F8 key, you will get Windows “Advanced Boot Options"
  • Select “Repair Your Computer” and wait for recovery console to get started
  • Now “System Recovery Options” appears which lists all the operating system that are installed on your computer
  • Select the operating system on which you want to perform repair and then click on “Next”
  • Now click on “Command Prompt”
  • In command prompt type “bootrec /fixmbr” (without quotation marks) and wait for the process to get completed
  • Checkout If the process is completed if not repeat the process by typing “bootrec /fixboot” in command prompt without quotation marks

Note: These steps are applicable only on Windows based computers

The above mentioned instructions help in fixing your invalid partition table.  However, at times if there are other problems associated with your partition then you may have to format the partition which might be the last option to fix invalid partition table. But format can lead to loss of whole data from that particular partition. No worries, using Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) software you can easily perform formatted hard drive data recovery and can also recover partitions that have turned inaccessible with ease.

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