How to Fix Mac Grey Screen of Death?

In, Mac Grey screen of death is one of major problems that might caused by numerous issues including conflicts with peripheral devices or damaged internal application system settings. You can solve this problem on your own risk by following some of the troubleshooting steps. If you are not able to resolve this problem then your system should get serviced by authorized Apple service provider.

List of troubleshooting steps to fix Mac grey screen of death

Disconnecting and Testing External Devices: If you have any external devices connected to your Mac system, such as USB drive, external hard disk, printer, scanner, disconnect them all and shut down your system safely. Now, in order to find the device that causing these issues, try trial and error method by re-connecting device one at a time and start the system. If system boot up properly then continue reconnecting other devices until you stuck on the grey screen and you need to sure that you are testing devices one at a time, so that you can easily locate the device, which is causing your system to, stuck on grey screen. After performing this trial and error method, if your system still showing grey screen then you can try by performing a “safe boot” to see if that solves the problem.

Start system choosing “Safe Boot” option: Shut down the system, if not then hold power button until the system shut down. Now, restart again by holding down shift key, this makes your system to run in safe mode i.e. safe boot which performs various system checks and repairs on the system, including disable all start up and log-in application. In case system starts up properly, immediately shut down again, and start restarting. If system again stuck on the grey screen then try next step.

Resetting PRAM and NVRAM: In order to reset the PRAM and NRAM on your Mac, shut down the system and restart by holding command, option, P and R keys and make sure that you have pressed these keys before grey screen appears. Keep holding the keys until system restarts again and hearing the startup sound twice. Release key after hearing second startup beep sound. After trying this procedure still your Mac system stuck on grey screen then go on to step.

Repairing OS X using Mac Startup Disk: After trying above mentioned steps, then startup using Mac OS X disk and running disk utility program from the menu at the top of screen. Startup the system by inserting disk into optical drive and keep pressing C key until system starts. The disk utility application can perform repair operations on the hard drive and resolve issues of grey screen of death. In case this issue is not resolved then contact authorized Apple service provider to fix this issue.

This green screen issue on Mac system may also leads to data loss. In case if you have stored more important data and you wish to restore then don’t worry because by employing Remo Recover Mac application, you can easily perform Macintosh file recovery in few simple steps.


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