How to fix Sad Face Icon error in iPods?

Nowadays, many people fond of listening to music and their routine will not complete unless listening to their beloved music. Moreover, we can see many users own iPod due to its portable facilities and ease of transferring media files, and other features.  Suppose, you unexpectedly have gotten sad face icon error and lost access to your iPod then do not worry. There are few simple steps mentioned below, you just follow to fix it.

Step 1: Initially open the iPod case. To open it use any things such as knife, a thin spatula, or anything else you can find to fit between the metal and acrylic halves. However, you should be very careful while opening it and do not go too hurry to open it and you may unplug some of the ribbons which are difficult to get back into place.

Step 2: Once you opened the iPod case, keenly take out hard drive and make some free space to work

Step 3: Now gently strike the hard drive on a solid surface two or three times. By doing so you can easily un-stick hard drive from it. Finally, strike couple of times on each side and replace the hard drive.

Step 4: Lastly, close the iPod case gently and reboot as normal

After performing above steps, you can free your iPod from sad face icon error and as usual you can gain access to your iPod and enjoy by listening to beloved music. Suppose, after getting sad face icon error in iPod if you have lost beloved music collections from it and you wish to restore them then use professional tool such as Remo Recover Windows Media Version to restore them as they were before. This tool has capabilities of restoring data from all types iPod such as iPod Mini, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. In addition, using this smart tool, you can easily perform photo recovery from iPod Mini in simple steps.

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