How to Fix Steam Disk Write Error on SSD

Steam is a great application for video gamers to have video streaming, multi-player gaming, groups and chat facilities. Many gamers use this application extensively due to the advantages it offers.

While using Steam in SSD’s, some users complain about a common error called ‘Disk write error’. It usually occurs when you are installing or updating a game in Steam. To resolve this error, we provide you with some troubleshooting steps here in this article. Most of these steps are simple and only involve minor tweaks within the Steam settings.

  1. Change download location in Steam

Simply changing the download location will help you resolve the issue in some cases. To change the location, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Settings in the upper left corner in Steam
  2. Click on Downloads and select Download Region
  3. Select a different region and restart Steam


  1. Clear download cache

If changing the download location doesn’t work, you can try clearing download cache within Settings.

  1. Open Steam and select Settings
  2. Go to Downloads and select Clear download cache


  1. Repair library folder

At times, even if you have not intentionally changed the library folder, it may have undergone changes. So you can try to resolve ‘Disk write error’ by repairing the library folder.

  1. Open Steam and select Settings
  2. Go to Downloads and right click on Steam Library Folders
  3. Click on Repair folder to repair the library folder
  1. Repair corrupt files

If the above methods don’t help, there are chances that your Steam installation files are corrupted. In such cases, you can repair these files using the built-in repair feature.

  1. Go to Steam and find your game in the library
  2. Right click on it and select Properties
  3. Select local files and click on Verify the integrity of game files

This will repair any corruption in the Steam installation file and help you resolve the ‘disk write error’.

  1. Use flushconfig

Using ‘flushconfig’ command resets the Steam configuration and all settings will be set to default.

  1. Click on Windows + R to open Run
  2. Type ‘steam://flushconfig’
  3. A dialogue box appears that reads ‘This will reset your local Steam configuration and you will need to login to Steam again’. Click on Ok to proceed
  4. Now Steam will be reset with default settings

Errors such as Disk write error’ are common on Steam games installed on SSD’s and can usually be resolved using simple troubleshooting steps as discussed above. But if these methods don’t work, you can check if your antivirus is the one causing trouble. Disable antivirus temporarily and update your game. If this doesn’t help, check your hard disk for any potential errors or corruption. In such cases, repairing your hard disk might do the trick.

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