How to Fix Sync Error on Android?

Nowadays Android phones have evolved as the best and most popular smartphones worldwide. This is due to their user friendly and huge support to vast range of apps. You can even sync your Android to any of the mail clients. This would help you to access emails anywhere you go and hence keep in touch with the friends, family or colleagues. However, at times, when you try to sync the Android, you may encounter an error message stating:

“Error Syncing Android OS/Phone” 

Nevertheless, there is nothing to get worried, it can be fixed easily. In simple terms, the fix is a similar fix for syncing most windows devices. Below are the steps and ways involved in fixing these Android sync issues.

First check your Wi-Fi connections:

Most sync options will be handled in-app or via Android’s settings. Hence, first check out whether you have a data connection i.e. you are connected to a wireless or Wi-Fi network.

Go to Settings -> Wireless & Networks 

Ensure that you are connected to your Wi-Fi and all settings are done correct as required. Now restart the Phone, if the sync errors still persists, then check the account settings as below.

Check Android Settings

Click Settings and scroll to Accounts (in some versions of Android you might find this feature in Accounts & Sync or some similar location). Now, just select an account this will allow you to adjust the individual sync settings and then uncheck the boxes to push sync data. That usually corrects most issues.

Check App Settings

However, if you still have sync issues check the individual app settings. Most apps will correct themselves, but some apps, such as Gmail, might need some help.

Steps for Fixing the Sync issues

If the above ways doesn't help you in fixing the sync errors then follow the below explained steps:

  • Remove all synced accounts on your phone:  Go to your sync settings and delete all associated accounts. Menu -> Settings - > Accounts and Sync.

Now, delete all the accounts on your Android.

  • Clear all data and cache files: Go to your application manager and locate ALL apps which are related to your email / calendar / contacts and clear all the data and caches.

Note: Take backup before doing this step

  • Restart your phone
  • Add your accounts to the sync settings: Now, enter all the necessary information for your accounts, and then let the phone sync up. Depending on how much emails or calendar items there are to sync this process can take a while. Just wait for some time.

With this your Android sync issues will be fixed. Before accomplishing these steps take proper data backups. This is because, while removing the data and cache files you might lose all your vital data like images, videos, songs etc. saved on your Android phones.  In such cases, you can restore your data using the backup copy else you will lose all your data. However, there is no need to worry just make use of the Remo Recover for Android tool. This app can easily restore all your lost or deleted Android data including your .apk files, images, songs, videos, etc  in just few minutes. In addition, this tool also comes handy to perform Samsung photo recovery in a effective way.

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