How to Format a Hard Drive

Hard drive formatting involves erasing your entire data on the drive and to set up a file system so that OS can read from it and write data to it. Actually, formatting a new drive will test the drive for errors and prepare it for use. In case a drive has data on it, formatting the drive removes all of the pointers to your files in turn making files inaccessible.

If you want to format the hard drive of Windows computer, then no need to worry because the process is very simple. The Master CD finishes the hard drive formatting process, put the Windows OS onto the PC for you and also install any software as well as programs which are provided with the pre-configured PC. Before you start the formatting process, it is necessary to ensure that you have all the drivers for your hardware located and the Windows CD to make a smooth setup. Just restart the computer with the aid of start-up floppy disk in the drive. Upon system boot, you have to select CD-ROM support after loading the files select to run the format command on your main disk.

In case you are using Windows XP, Vista then Windows installation operation provides “format your hard disk” option. Here you have to make sure your system is set to boot from CD-ROM, insert the Windows CD and restart the system. Then start hard drive formatting process that is performed in 3 steps:

The format command syntax is as follows:

FORMAT drive: [/parameters}

Drive- defines the volume to format. (For example format c:)

[Parameters} -  Formats the drive with various options- for example c: /s copy system files to the formatted disk or format c:  /q does a quick format.

With this your hard drive will be successfully formatted. Before formatting the drive make sure you have a complete backup of your entire drive data as formatting erases your data. However, in case you don’t have data backup and lost data while formatting then don’t worry; employ Remo Recover software to get back data lost from hard drive. The software has been designed to recover the entire lost data from formatted hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, pen drives etc. Besides you can make use of this application to recover data from unmountable hard drive in simple steps.

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