How to Improve Android Battery Life?

Nowadays, Android smartphone have been growing incredibly sophisticated with providing wonderful features by using which user can easily can do their tasks and reach peoples online. In addition, some tasks a desktop cannot do, such as navigating with GPS feature, etc. However, most users use their smartphones to browse all the times including connecting social media networks to touch with people and their updates. However, performing all these tasks in a single smartphone will affect the battery life of the Android smartphone. In order to save and manage battery life on your phone, just perform a few tasks manually instead of automating them and turn off what you do not need.

Here some tips and guidelines to conserve Android smartphone battery life just go through them and then use your smartphone for longer period…

  1. Turn-off WI-Fi: Many services are run on Android devices but we are busy to take note. Turn-off Wi-Fi when you are not using it. Because, it consumes more battery to detect Wi-Fi devices which are available in a specified range of distance.
  2. Mobile Network: Now we have service of 3G and 4G network to download and access web so faster as this service consumes more resource and power. So, prefer 2G network when you are not accessing web service.
  3. Adjust Screen Brightness: Reduce your phone display brightness that will enhance your Android device battery life.
  4. Disable GPS: Disable GPS service when it is not in use otherwise it consumes more battery life compared to 3G or 4G network.
  5. Enable Airplane Mode: Turn on Airplane mode if you are traveling. This also reduces battery consumption.
  6. Remove Unnecessary Home screen Widget: Home screen widgets consume more battery power, so make sure to use only those widgets that are important daily.
  7. Disable Auto Sync: This feature is used to sync with applications such as Google account, Gmail, etc. Incase this feature is not needed then disable auto sync option and saves your battery.
  8. Don't leave apps running in the background: Running more than one application at a time is great feature of phone but it also consumes more battery. By killing apps that you are not using, you can decrease battery life consumption at a greater level.
  9. Reduce Screen Timeout: By reducing your Android phone screen timeout, you can conserve its battery up to some reasonable level.
  10. Do not use vibrate mode: Prefer ringtone mode rather than vibrate in your phone to alert you about incoming calls and messages. Because vibrate mode consumes more power than ringtone mode.
  11. Use power saving apps: Juice defender is one of the Android app which is specially designed to help user with lower battery consumption.

By following above-mentioned tips, one can easily improve their Android phone’s battery life. In case have you come across data loss scenarios in Android phone due to any reasons such as accidental deletion, format, virus attacks etc, in such case do not worry because Remo Recover for Android has all ability and the it is the most trustworthy toolkit to recover deleted files on Android phone in just a few clicks.

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