How to Improve Tablet Battery Life?

In recent days, battery life is one of the major issues in the Android tablets world. I suppose that even you are in the same distress; hence you are here isn’t it? Improving the battery life of a tablet is much like conserving energy at home; just turn off what you don’t use, minimize the usage of features you do not need and look for hidden features that are utilizing your battery even when it is not used.

Well here are some tips / suggestions that would help you to improve or increase the battery life of your tablets:

Deactivate Wi-Fi when not needed

If your tablet is constantly trying to connect to every Wi-Fi signal in that area like a robot then, you will be wasting power. Hence, just switch off the Wi-Fi signal when you are out or when you do not need it. You might think of it as boring but it is an essential thing for improving the Tablet battery.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

There are many apps that you might not need but they still reside on your tablet memory. Another very easy thing to do to save battery life is to kill and remove all these unwanted applications residing in your tablet’s memory. This is especially important if you leave your device running continuously for a few days, as apps that have been suspended, but not stopped, will continue to run. For this go to

Settings>Applications>Manage Applications, and stop your chosen app from the running menu.

With this all the running and unwanted apps will be closed. If these apps are not needed in future then, delete them off completely. Kill and quit any apps that you don’t need.

Reduce your Tablet’s screen brightness

Perhaps this is the simplest way to save your tablet battery life, that is to dim the tablet display. For this just simply visit the battery usage page, opt out of the auto-brightness controls, and manually reduce the brightness as much as it fits fine. Actually, the screen is the one that would consume most of battery life, so this adds up to half an hour onto the life of your tablet’s battery. Isn’t this the best and the easy way?

Do not overcharge your tablet

This is a very routine mistake that most of you make, among tablet and smartphone users who leave their device to charge overnight. Overcharging the battery can have a negative effect that is on a long-term effect of the lifespan of the battery.

Disable all notifications and other push reports

One other way to stop your tablet from constantly leaking battery life is to disable all notifications and push reports. Push reports upset the battery life, as they would still look for new emails, updates and messages, even when your iPad or Android tablet is offline. Disabling these reports or just disabling the other notifications would safe your tablets battery life.

Background Apps

Keep an eye on the applications that run in the background. Due to the multi-tasking nature of the Android tablets, you can never be too sure what are running itself in the background. It can be self-uploading, auto-replicating features of today's modern Android apps etc. Some of them such as games should be shut down when they done. And also others, like the GPS-enabled apps, might use more power than you expect while they’re in the background, because they’re also accessing your GPS antenna. You need to kill all these apps and remove them.

However, since these apps run in the background, how will you know about these and kill them. Don’t worry, for this you can make use of the Remo MORE app, using which you can kill all the background apps in just one-single click instantly. Not just this, this app would even offer Power plans that help you to manage battery usage on your tablets.

Thus, just by following simple steps you can actually save a lot of power and thus improve the tablet’s battery life. It just requires your attention and need few minutes of your time.

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