How to know if someone hacks into your Android phone?

Android phones today can be easily hacked using free software applications with all of the necessary information available for free online. Since these Android phones have operating systems similar to computers, once, it is hacked it will give hackers a complete control of the device, from calls, to texts, to applications like mobile banking and Facebook. Such unauthorized use or activity on your Android phone is the most significant sign of hacking; at times even the abnormal service disruptions or changes to the phone's settings might also indicate hacking. Here are few tips wherein you can identify if your Android phone has been hacked or not? Read here to know more...

  • Check your phone bill regularly. Are there any significant charges on it that you couldn’t recognize? Some viruses or malware, rather than stealing data, they may direct your Android to send masses of texts to expensive premium numbers.  This would get charged to your phone bill and deposited into the bank account of the malware writer. It’s a warning sign you've been hacked.
  • If your Android phone starts acting crazy, strangely opening and closing apps or sending text messages by itself, then your phone might be negotiated. This illustrates that malwares have taken control on your phone, and some malicious apps have gained permissions to control most or all features of your device.
  • Check out your battery, is it draining extremely fast? Battery drain can be worsened by different factors like network settings or even a simple app that’s poorly coded. But because malware apps can run constantly in the background, it is inevitable that they will run down your battery much faster than normal.

These are the three commonly encountered signs of a hacked Android phone. If in case you have encountered any such instances, then just download any trust-worthy mobile security app and scan your smartphone. If this doesn’t help, then take it to your service provider for a diagnostic test. They could easily detect and eliminate any intrusive software or threats installed on the phone, or in the worst case scenario you might have to restore your Android phone to factory settings.

However, before following any fix measure, make sure you have complete backup of your data. This is because either during the anti-virus scans or while restoring your phone to the factory settings there is huge chances of losing your data from the Android phones. Under such circumstances, you can use Remo Recover for Android tool to easily get back all your lost data from the Android devices.

Important Points to remember

  • Keep all software on your device up to date
  • Download a mobile security app to protect your phone
  • Be cautious of where you click, what you open, which sites you visit and what kind of data you maintain on your Android phone
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