Know How to Maintain and Use your Memory Card

Photographs - Family pictures, vacation pictures, fashion photography, food photography, etc. When we read the word photographs there are numerous headings along the word photographs that come into our minds. If you are passionate about photography or are a professional photographer then, your biggest concern is ‘Memory Card’. The space of the memory card is definitely the first thought that comes to mind but also the maintenance of it matters equally.

If the memory card is not maintained well then, there is a good chance that you will have to say goodbye to your memories. Things can get worse for you if you are a professional photographer – losing images could become your worst nightmare.

It has become quite clear by now that maintaining your memory card and using it right is important but how do you go about doing so. Interested to know? Then continue to read on…

Tips on Maintenance and Usage of Memory cards

1. Make sure to always safely Eject your memory cards. While a read or write operations are taking place on your memory card unplugging it would not be the apt thing to do. A read or write operation might not do damage to the card but it definitely can lead to memory card corruption.

The same point applies when your card is on the computer and not just in the camera. Again while on the computer you do not want to interrupt the read / write operations. It is always good to show a little patience and safely eject via the operating system rather than just removing it.

2. Make sure to always keep your camera’s battery charged. If your camera is running out of battery then, it’s better to turn it off. You do not want to test the battery life at the expense of the memory card. Because if your battery dies while the write operation is still going on then, it can cause the memory card to be corrupted. So, make sure to not to shoot with low battery life.

3. Always format your memory cards in the camera itself. You would not want to wait to format it on the computer. This is because when you are using a particular brand and version of a camera, the camera will format it according to its preference which will always be a better option then, do format it in the system.

If while converting the images into different file format most suitable to you like JPG, NEF, TIF, etc. You end up with losing photos or corrupted SD card then remember that jpg files can be recovered from corrupted SD card easily.

4. Make sure not to delete the photos in the camera. Even though you may not like some of the images you have taken it is always better to have it first transferred to your system and then to edit or delete it.

5. Always make sure to buy a memory card from a reputed brand and authorized sellers. This is because all the SD cards look alike and you do not want to end up with a fake memory card. Also, at the same time, you do not want to buy a used or a refurbished card. So, while you are making a purchase always keep this in mind so that you can capture your best times and save them for years to come.

6. Now that you are aware of buying a well-branded card the other important point you need to keep in mind while making a purchase is the specifications of the card. Remember, that what is being advertised as the read / write speed is not always as it is there is always some amount of variation in that i.e. the speed is always lesser than what is being advertised. So, be prepared when you are buying an SD card for this reality check at the same time if the card specifications say high speed then try transferring a large size file and you will get an idea of the exact speed rate of the card which generally is lesser than mentioned.

With all these tips on maintenance, purchase and use do make sure to put them into good practice as they will help you keep your memories as your best treasure.

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