How to make Windows 8 faster?

Windows 8 is the latest version of OS introduced by Windows NT family. The new Windows 8 comprises many unique features and functionality that is totally different from all other versions of Windows OS. Despite holding all useful advanced features there are few factors that can possible slow down your Windows 8 performance. Let’s see what could that be and how we can overcome them?

Remove Virus: Virus will enter your system and affect most of your systems files and folders and corrupts some of your system drivers too. This is one of the major reason why your PC slowdowns. To overcome this install healthy anti-virus software that can remove all viruses from your system, also keep updating your anti-virus software regularly.

Disk Defragmentation: When ever you save a file on your system it will be divided into smaller modules and will accommodate different spaces of memory. It will be difficult to fetch all these pieces of memory from different spaces whenever you want to access those files, which actually reduces your PC performance. One possible way to overcome this is to defragment your hard drive. Defragmentation will rearrange all your files, by saving it in a single location, making way for easy fetching of these files. This will free up spaces used by unused data which will definitely increase your systems speed.

Free up Disk Space: By freeing up some disk space you can increase the Windows 8 performance. You can achieve this by deleting all unused files, by uninstalling unused software and by deleting all temporary files, system logs, browser history, temporary system caches, etc. Empty your recycle bin once after doing all the above as the deleted files rest in recycle bin.

Fix and update all your Windows 8 drivers: Main common reason that will possibly diminish your system performance is outdated / corrupted drivers present in your system. You can fix all damaged drivers by manually finding out which all drivers are corrupted by following some simple steps.

Firstly right click on “Computer”, and then select Properties option from the drop-down menu. Control panel window will be opened, now click on “Device Manager” option present on left top corner of the window. Now the Device Manager window will be opened listing all your system devices. Double click on each device and check whether they are working properly or not. After finding out the corrupted drivers download and install the newer updated version of that driver which will fix all your driver related issues improving your systems performance.

You can update and fix your drivers if they are less in numbers. However, it is really a risky job if you have to update and fix many drivers at a time. This will definitely consume more time and human efforts. To overcome this issue, just make use of Remo Drive Discover software. This software will scan your entire system to locate all corrupt and outdated computer drivers in just a single attempt. Then the software will automatically fix all your corrupted drivers and updates outdated drivers to its newer versions.

Before performing any of the above methods to improve your Windows 8 performance, see to it that you keep a useful backup of all your files, to avoid any data loss during the process.

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