How to Manage Outlook Calendar

Outlook calendar is one of the major features provided by Microsoft for its Outlook users. It is fully integrated with all emails and contacts to enhance work speed with its extraordinary scheduling features. Calendars can be used to create events and appointments, arrange meetings, view events in different ways, send calendars to the recipient, and manage other user’s calendars and many more.

At times users may mess up with all these options provided. Hence, it would find difficult to use and manage these Outlook calendar features. Below are some of the important tips that help manage your Outlook calendar effectively, just read on…

  • You can change the appearance and arrangement of the calendar by going to the “View” tab which provides many styles that can be employed according to your requirement or according to organizational needs. Additionally, you can even change the color of calendar depending on your desire
  • Create an appointment which can remind at specific date and time. While creating appointments you can not only provide the subject of appointment but you can also mention details such as where the appointment is scheduled and when is the commencement etc.

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  • Crete meetings where you can gather your friends, colleagues, employees etc. most of the peoples get confused with appointment and meeting. The major difference between appointment and meeting is, appointment is personal info which is not shared with others and when it is informed or shared with others then it is considered as meeting in Outlook terms
  • Suppose you want to postpone or cancel scheduled meeting and you wish to inform all your recipients then no need to worry as you can surely cancel or modify your meeting. This can be done by first opening a calendar event in Outlook calendar and make necessary changes and then use the “Send Update” option to update all the recipients. If you desire to cancel the meeting then just making use of the “Cancel Meeting” option and then use of the “Send Cancelation” option.
  •  You may be at times busy when the reminder for appointment or event pops up. Thus to avoid such a situation you can make use of the “Appointment Recurrence” option where you can set duration and range of time for the reappearance of event, pattern or recurrence, etc. Moreover, you can also get alerted by some soundtrack when there is an event
  • Sharing calendars is a great option which is provided in Outlook where you can share calendars with others, you can open calendars from different sources or you can as well create and save calendars.
  • If you want to backup the calendars on your Outlook, the best possible way to do is by converting the OST file to PST using Remo OST to PST converter. After converting you can save the PST file in safe location.

Also, in case you delete your Outlook calendar accidentally or lose them due to some unavoidable situations, Use Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool to easily recover Outlook calendar within matter of minutes. The tool supports all available Outlook versions. These are some of the basic tips that help easy management of your Outlook calendars.

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