How to Move Pages in Words – With Added Tips and Tricks

In many cases, while creating a dossier or a report, you might need to rearrange the pages. However, unlike PPT, you cannot drag and reorder pages in Word. Nevertheless, there are few ways to Move the pages in Word. Scroll through the sections below for a better understanding of how to move pages in Word Documents. On this page, you can even find the method to fix the damaged Word files.

Methods to Move Pages in Word

  • Simple Cut and Paste
  • Navigation Pane

Reorder Pages in Word Using Cut and Paste

I feel we all can admit that Cut, Copy, and Paste hands down the best and most familiar way of rearranging, it makes all our life easy, just as in this situation. To rearrange any piece of content in a document, you just have to select, the content, cut it, and paste it in the required place. Following are the instructions on how to do it.

How to Cut Pages from Word Document?

  • Place the courser at the desired location.
  • Hold the CTRL+Shift button and press the right arrow key to select the content you want to move

how to move pages in word

  • After selecting the content, tap Ctrl+x to cut the content
  • Again place the content in the desired location and press Ctrl+V to paste

The same task can also be done with the help of Mouse. However, while using a mouse to move the pages in Word you have to be cautious.

How to Move the Pages in Word using Mouse?

  • Similarly, place the courser at the desired location
  • Using the mouse, make a left-click and drag the mouse to select the desired content
  • Be with at most caution before selecting, because if you move your Mouse too fast, you might select the content which should not be moved.
  • So, double-check the content before implementing Cut utility
  • Now, right-click on the selected content and select the Cut option
  • Place the cursor at the desired location and right-click a now select paste option.

Both these options methods will help you to reorder the text in word, but it might be a little crude method to implement. So, what can be a better way to reorganize pages in word.

If you ever crash your Word file while editing and result in damaging the Word you repair the word file using Remo Repair Word.

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How do you Delete Extra pages in a Word Document / Blank Pages – Added Tip

Delete Blank pages in Word Document - Windows

  • Press Ctrl+G to open the find and replace dialogue box
  • Now enter the blank page number and press enter to go to the empty or extra page
  • Now enter the command \page in the find and replace dialogue box and press enter
  • Click on the close button on the Find and replace dialogue box
  • Hit the delete button to delete the extra page on the Word document or delete the blank page on a word document

Delete Blank Pages in Word Document – Mac OS

  • Tap Command+Options+G to launch the find and replace dialogue box
  • Enter page number followed by \page command
  • Hit enter and close the find and replace dialogue box
  • Press delete key

Generally, Word documents have a lot of important information, if you ever accidentally deleted or lost you can recover the corrupted word documents using Remo.

Reorder Pages in Word Using Navigation Pane

rearrange pages in word

  • Go to the View tab in the menu and checkmark the Navigation Pane option
  • You can see the navigation pane on the left of the Word document

order pages in word

  • Set the Navigation pane to Headings to see the sections on your document
  • Right-click on the section you want to move around in the Word document and click on select
  • Once the desired content is selected just implement Cut and paste task as mentioned earlier
  • This way of moving the pages in Word is more precise.

The process remains the same even in the case of rearranging the word files on Mac.

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