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How to Open RAW Images in CS6?

Photos – what can you say about them. They are memories captured through time and have managed to bring a smile on our face through the years. Each of these photos have a special place in our hearts, sometimes we call these moments we see in photos as the best days of our lives. Well, that is the magic of photos. But, what happens when you want to look through those good times, those treasured moments and show them to your friends, neighbors, relatives but maybe with a few edits perhaps. We all need that Photoshop edit magic. Well, that is also an important element after all sometimes it does manage to show the best side of us.

With the majority of us having a decent knowledge of photos and photoshops, we are still unaware of what is RAW file or even how to open a RAW image in CS6? Well, it is no rocket science so don't worry. RAW files is basically a format that captures the image data with its sensors when you take a photo without any processing, formatting, editing to it. Now there are some cameras that can capture images in RAW format and Photoshop CS6 can process these images into formatted images. Also, know that Adobe camera RAW is a plugin for photoshop that was designed for editing, processing images captured in the RAW file format of the camera.

Generally, what happens is you buy a new camera but you are still stuck with the old software. Now it is widely recommended that you keep a software that is updated since, the updated version of the software will have so many new features that you don't want to be missing out on.

So how do you open a RAW image in CS6, continue reading this article to know....

1 Update your Software: Now, when most of us try and open a RAW image in Photoshop there comes a pop-up window that says, if you are attempting to open a RAW file from digital camera make sure you have the latest camera RAW update installed. Once, the update has been installed you will have it easy opening and making all the adjustments in RAW Photoshop.

2 Update your Adobe RAW plugin: Sometimes, when you update your software but are still unable to open the RAW image in Adobe Photoshop and you can see the RAW file but it is all grey out. That is because you hae not yet updated your Adobe RAW Plugin.

How do you update Adobe RAW plugin? It is simple and this is all you have to do.

1 You need to click on the Photoshop elements tab on the top left hand side of the window. In the drop down menu, click on  About Plugin and in the side menu click on Camera RAW and in a small pop-up box it will tell you what version you are using.

2 Once, you know which version you are using and which is the latest updated version, you can straight away update your Adobe RAW plugin. If you have Adobe products downloaded on your system the all you need to do is click on the Adobe logo and in the drop down menu click on Open Updater. Once, the Adobe updated window pop-up. There you will find a list of software to update. So, check on the boxes of those software to update and click on update. Once, your Adobe RAW plugin is update you can go ahead and open RAW file.

3 If you have an old software and you want your DNG file to open as RAW file in Adobe photoshop then all you need to do is use a DNG converter. Once, your DNG file is converted in to RAW image you can easily open it. This is quite easy and popular. Just open the Adobe DNG Converter in the first part select the folder that you want to convert. In the second part of the same window select the location of the folder once it is converted. In the third part select the name of the converted images and select the file extension in this case it is to DNG. In the fourth part of the same window there is something called as Preferences. When you click on that you get the option of Compatibility in that you will find that your Camera RAW is compatible to convert in to the option that are there. One of the option is CS6. You can select that and click on convert at the bottom right side of the window.

Once, you have you photos there can come times and situations for varied reasons where you can find your CS6 photos file corrupted. In such a situation don't worry because there is a manual to repair Photoshop cs6 photos after corruption.

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