How to Partition a Memory Card (SD/USB) In Windows and Mac

Creating partitions on your memory card (SD/USB) card is easy, whether you are using Windows or Mac. You just have to follow certain steps that would enable you to partition your SD card.

Make a Partition!

SD cards are small storage units, exclusively used to store a collection of data that you can access from your computer or other devices. While using SD/SDHC cards or USB drives, it becomes very important to organize your important information. The best measure to adopt would be memory card partition before using it to store your information.

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Partitioning memory card helps to maintain the integrity of your data while using it in different devices. It will allow you to separate sensitive files as well as enable you to maintain backups. Partitioning of memory card can make the operation faster.

Prepare your system and make sure you have the card slot for SD/SDHC on your computer or a USB card reader.

Memory Card Partition on macOS Catalina

 If your system is equipped with macOS Catalina go through these steps in order to make partition on your memory card;

  • Insert the memory card in the designated slot in your computer

Or if you are using a card reader, connect the card reader to the USB port of your system.

  • Go to the ‘Application’ folder and click ‘Utilities’.
  • Find ‘Disk Utilities’ inside, and click on it.
  • On the left sidebar, find the name of your memory card and click on it – You can see it on upper left portion of Disk Utility tab.
  • In the Disk Utility of your memory card, click on ‘Partition’ – It can be found on the upper side.
  • It will open the ‘Partition Layout’, go to the volume scheme drop-down menu and set the number of memory card partitions.
  • Click on each partition- here you have to set the partition parameters like partition name, partition size and partition format.
  • To complete the partitioning, click on Apply and wait for the system to partition your memory card.

Note – If you want to use the memory/SD card for startup, before clicking ‘Apply’ go to ‘Options’ and select “GUID Partition Table”.

Memory Card Partition in Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

If you are using a Windows system, partitioning memory card can be done by following these steps;

  • Insert the memory card in given slot/ Use USB port if you are using a memory card reader.
  • Go to control panel by using windows/start button or search option.
  • Go to system and security options.
  • Click on ‘Administrative Tools’ in the window.
  • In system and security, find and click on ‘Computer management’ from the displayed list.
  • Go to the left panel and expand the ‘storage’ option, it will show ‘Disk management’.
  • Click on Disk management – It will display the list of all the disc, their formats, and status.
  • Right click on your memory card, select ‘New Simple Volume’ option from it.
  • Run the ‘New simple volume Wizard’ by clicking Next.

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  • Select the Size of your partition from the highlighted text box and go to ‘Next’.
  • Give the drive a letter for identification and click ‘Next’.
  • Select whether you want to format the drive or not and click ‘Next’ – Formatting will allow you to change the file system, volume label etc.
  • Click on ‘Finish’ – This will finish the partitioning of your memory card.

Memory cards may vary in sizes, but can be accessed with the use of proper adapter or memory card reader. Partitioning can help u in a number of ways; it would save you from loss of entire data on the card. So go ahead and make a partition on your memory card to avoid unnecessary loss of information. In case you have lost data during partitioning, you can retrieve all the information using some good software for recovery of memory cards on mac os.

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