How to Partition a New Hard Drive in Windows 8

Partitioning is a process of dividing a hard drive into multiple logical storage units; this allows you to segregate your personal data and system related data from one another. There are many advantages of having partitions on your hard drive and one of the major advantages is that if one partition is corrupted then the other partitions will be working well and fine.

Note: You should login as system administrator into your computer to perform hard drive partitioning.

Although partitioning is allowed during installation of Windows 8 but it can be left unallocated to perform it in future. If you don’t partition a new hard drive during installation of Windows 8 operating system then there will be only one partition on the hard drive. But it is recommended to have at least two partitions. After successful installation of Windows 8 you can make partitions on the remaining unallocated disk space.

Windows 8 operating system allows their users to create maximum of four primary partitions, or you can create one extended and three primary. However if the hard drive is converted to dynamic disk the primary and extended concept will be no more applicable. Windows 8 operating system facilitates you to partition your hard drive using its in-built tool called Disk Management. Below are the steps involved in performing partitioning process:

How to partition hard drive in Windows 8

  • On the Windows Start Screen type diskmgmt.msc and then press enter; Disk Management utility will be opened.
  • Disk Management will display all drives which have been detected by Windows 8 including the disks that have not been setup. Disks which have not been setup will be categorized under Not Initialized or Unallocated.
  • Right click on the unallocated drive which you want to setup or modify, select New Simple Volume
  • In the next window specify the size of a partition in MB, and then click on Next
  • In the upcoming window leave everything as default if you do not know much about the options
  • Ensure that “Perform a quick format” option has been check, and then click on Next
  • On successful completion of New Simple Volume wizard, click on Finish
  • Wait until the partition is created and then cancel the Computer Management window

So, now your new Windows 8 hard drive has been successfully partitioned. However, these steps can even help you to partition your old hard drive provided you have a complete data backup of your old drive. One single mistake could lead to partition corruption in turn causing huge data loss. In such cases Remo Recover (Windows) would come in handy that helps recover lost data in just few minutes. Nevertheless, be cautious while performing partitioning process; be it a new hard drive or old hard drive, disasters can happen with one single mistake.

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