How to perform startup repair in Windows 7?

A startup problem on Windows 7 is really an annoying situation. Sometimes your Windows 7 might fail to boot. There could be many reasons for such startup issues like too many programs at the startup, hard drive errors, MBR corruption or some other unknown issues. Whatever might be the reason, you will just end up with an unbootable Windows 7 computer. This in turn leads to inaccessibility to all your data on your Windows 7 machines.

In order to repair such issues Microsoft has provided an in built tool called startup repair tool. This system recovery tool scans and locates all the problems with the system on startup and fixes them. This tool can be accessed from the Windows 7 OS disk and should be used during the Windows boot process in order to fix these startup issues. Here are the complete details on how to perform Startup repair in Windows 7 computers. Just read on...

  • First insert the Windows 7 OS disc in your CD / DVD drive of your computer and restart it
  • Now, open the “Advanced Boot options” screen by just pressing and holding the F8 key while your Windows 7 is booting
  • In this Advanced boot options screen choose the “Repair my computer” option and press Enter
  • This will open the “System Recovery Options” window that provides many options to perform system recovery
  • Among these options just select “Startup Repair” and click on “Next” to launch the Startup Repair tool
  • Now, the tool will start scanning your computer to find and locate the startup problems
  • If any problems are found just go ahead and repair them

With these steps you can easily fix all the startup problems on your Windows 7 machines. You can then just restart the system and work on it normally. But, the entire process deals with booting the system and BIOS settings and other technical aspects of the Windows 7 OS. Hence, in order to perform these steps you need high technical proficiency and should be very much careful. One simple mistake would lead to Windows 7 crash in turn causes data loss. In case you lose your data, then Remo Recover (Windows) can be used to recover data after system crash in just few minutes.

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