How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 10 PC or Laptop (Windows 8.1, 8,7)

In this article, you are going to learn a highly effective method to recover deleted files from a Windows PC. Additionally, you will also get to know how is it actually possible to recover permanently deleted data from any computer. However, before proceeding any further, remember not to use the drive, especially the storage space where the deleted files used to exist.

Where do Files go when Permanently Deleted on a Windows Computer?

Surprisingly, files stay in the same location even after permanently deleting them. Nevertheless, these permanently deleted files will be marked as deleted by the operating system. Henceforth, these deleted files will become inaccessible and invisible. This means if you find a way to access those files you can easily recover permanently deleted files from Windows.

Disclaimer: As discussed, once files are marked as deleted, the space occupied by those files will also be marked as ready to be overwritten with new data. Hence, do not use the drive until you recover the data in any circumstances.

How Do I Recover Permanently Deleted Files or data from my Computer or Laptop?

The ultimate way to recover shift deleted files or permanently deleted data from a computer is by using data recovery software. A data recovery software is designed with recovery algorithms that are dedicated to scan the storage drives for data signatures and recover them. However, you might have a challenge picking the right software.

The first criterion of any software is to make data recovery effortless and secondly, it should securely recover data from the computer under any complicated data loss scenario you encounter. Engineered with cutting scan algorithms and designed with a self-explanatory user interface, Remo is one such software. By satisfying both criteria Remo ensures to effortlessly recover data from most complicated data loss scenarios.

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How easy is it to Use Remo and Recover Lost or Deleted Data from Windows Computer or Laptop

First Download and Install the Remo Data Recover Software. Launch the application.

  • From the home screen select “Recover Files” option
  • The tool will list all the available drives on your laptop or computer, select the drive where the deleted or lost files used to exist
  • Click on “Scan” after scanning the drive the tool will list all the data recovered from that drive in a recovery window
  • Select the files you want to recover and proceed to save them on your computer storage drive that’s all.

Also, avoid saving the recovered files on the same drive that you are currently recovering from.

Just 4 simple steps to instantly recover the data from the computer. However, lost data does not mean it is always deleted, you might also misplace a file on your computer. For example, you might create a file and forget where you saved it. So if you need help on recovering lost files on Windows 10 you can find information in the next section.

How do I Find Lost Files on My Windows 10 Computer?

Searching for lost files on Windows is really annoying, unlike recovering deleted files you don’t even know where the files literally exist. Fortunately, there are few simple tips that will help you find or recover lost files on Windows PC or Laptop.

  • Check Recent: Use the same application to find the lost file. For example, if you created a new Word document and are unable to locate it, you can find the lost word file by opening the MS Word application and go to the “Files” tab and select the “Open” option, in which you can see the locations of all the recently saved files. Similarly, you can use the Open option in almost all applications to find lost files on Windows.
  • Windows search in Taskbar: Search with extension or the file name. Go to the Windows Start option and type the file extension or guess the file name. For example, .xls or .xlsx is the extension for Excel files. Doing so will list all the files on your computer with the same extension in the search window. From where you can sort them and find the lost data on your Laptop or computer.
  • Data recovery tool for Windows: If you want an instant solution, use Remo Data Recovery Software. Remo can scan the entire PC and recover all the files available on your computer. Later you can use the File Type View and Data View that will allow users to smartly segregate the data. Probably the most convenient way to recover lost files on Windows. Additionally, you can also recover the data lost due to formatted pc or corrupted hard drive.

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Why Remo is Right Way to Recover Data from a Computer or a Laptop

The following are the 3 reasons why Remo is the Right way to recover deleted, lost data from Windows PC or Computer.

Most Effortless Way:

Remo designed its user interface to keep the recovery process to be effortless for users from any level of computer expertise.

Most Secure Way:

Since Remo streamlines the entire recovery process, there will be no interruptions that might result in damaging the recovered drive data.

Most Effective Way:

Engineered with most efficient recovery algorithms Remo can recover data from most complex data loss scenarios such as recovering data from formatted PC, unallocated hard drives, and even recover data from corrupted computers or laptops.

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