How to recover data from formatted memory card in 5 clicks?

This article explains a unique method to safely recover formatted memory card files. The method is formulated with deep understanding of the format process that assists you to easily retrieve formatted memory card data(SD card) within few minutes.

Integrated with a deep Scan algorithm, Remo Recover glides along every nook and corner of the SD card to locate, recognize the file and safely recover data from formatted SD card.      

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What happens to a memory card when you format it?

A file system will predefine how data is routed and placed on physical sectors of a SD card. When you format a memory card the file system is replaced with a new one. The data corresponding to old file system remains on the SD card until it is over written.

Note: As explained above it is important to stop using the SD card after formatting if you desire to recover formatted memory card data.

There are quite a lot of reasons that cause formatting of memory card which shall be discussed at the end of the article. However the peculiar case of faulty memory card, formatting is the only solution to get back storage access of the SD card. Fortunately faulty SD card data can be recovered after formatting.

How to recover data from faulty micro SD card?

Among the above mentioned reasons, formatting micro SD card to revert logical faults is an exception. Once you format a faulty micro SD card you regain access and can store information onto the micro SD card.

However the existing data after format is lost. Safely recover data from faulty micro SD card files using Remo data recovery software by avoiding data over write on storage space of formatted micro SD card.

To restore data from faulty micro SD card, you will need a competent SD card recovery software that completely understands file structures and file systems.

Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro : An exceptional SD card recovery software

An award winning memory card recovery software with a unique algorithm to completely recover formatted memory card files. This software scans each and every block of a formatted memory card to locate and restore files within a short span of time.

Use this software to recover deleted photos, audio files, video files, documents, system files etc., from your formatted memory card. Remo Recover formatted SD memory card recovery software supports more than 300 universal file types.

It can recover data from file systems such as NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT, HFS+. It is also compatible with all versions of Windows OS and MacOS.

Types of memory card supported:

Popular types of memory card supported by Remo Recover (Window) – Pro are SD Cards, MMC Cards, Compact Flash Cards, Mini/Micro SD, Memory Stick and XD Cards. It is also compatible with all the latest versions of the memory cards.

5 Quick steps to recover formatted memory card files:

To begin with the recovery process download and install Remo Recover (Windows/Mac) – Pro on a PC.

Step 1: Now connect the formatted memory card to the computer using a suitable memory card reader. Launch Remo Recover (Windows/Mac) –Pro software.

Step 2: Select Recover Drives from the main screen and click on Partition Recovery in the next screen

The software displays number of disks installed in the computer and the available partitions in two rows . Choose the partition to scan SD memory card for recoverable files.

select drive recover lost photos

Step 3: Now the tool completely scans and display all the recoverable files from formatted memory card.

file type view

If you are not able to retrieve files from Normal Scan method, then select Deep Scan option to search each block of the formatted memory card to retrieve the files.

Note: A unique signature search option is available in settings to locate a customized file type from the formatted memory card

Step 4: This tool has an in built save recovery session option to avoid repeating of the same steps during next session to recover formatted memory card files.

Navigate between file type tabs such as Images, Audio, Video, Documents, Email to easily find, select the files

Step 5: Select and save the files to the destination folder. A preview option is also available to view the file before saving the file.


3 major causes to format a memory card:

Memory card is one of the inexpensive storage media to save photos, music files, video files, documents and other file types. Sometimes you accidentally format a memory card and there some instances you have to format the memory card purposely and look for a method to recover formatted SD card. Three major causes are

1) Memory card corruption:

Whenever a memory card is not responding and you are not able to access the files, then possibility of memory card corruption is high. This happens due to various reasons like improper removal of SD memory card, file system corruption, shortage of power supply from battery and more. Formatting the memory card is the best solution to get back it to working condition.

2) Virus attack on SD memory card:

Frequent cause of memory card malfunction issue is virus attack on the storage media. Using the memory card to store and transfer a virus infected file causes a severe damage to the memory card. In order to reuse the memory card, you should format it and scan with an anti-virus software. By this you make sure no more malicious item is left in the SD memory card.

3) Change of file system:

Most of the storage media brands formats the memory card with a default file system as NTFS or FAT. Some applications do not support few types of file systems. The immediate remedy is to change the file system of the memory card.


A common solution to above discussed causes is to format the affected memory card. This in return erases the complete data from the storage media. In such kind of situations, we recommend you to use Remo Recover (Windows/Mac) - Pro tool to recover formatted memory card. This tool is a feasible software to recover photos.  This tool assists you to retrieve all your music files, videos, and documents from formatted memory card.

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