How to Remove Duplicate Contacts on an iPhone

Many times iPhone users might land up in saving same contact details twice leading to duplicates due to various reasons. Because of such duplicate contacts management of contacts can become hectic for the iPhone user. Perhaps iCloud does a pretty good job of managing and organizing the contacts, however at times things might go wrong.

By making use of Apple’s own Address Book you can find all such duplicate entries and merge the contacts; however this takes multiple runs to clear out duplicate entries but is worth performing.  One such method is iCloud method that can remove the duplicate contacts, perhaps this is the most secure way of clearing all the duplicate contacts from iPhone.

Setting up iCloud

If you have not set up iCloud then follow the steps to set up iCloud.

Go to Setting -> click on iCloud -> ensure that the switch on Contacts is ON-> now the contacts from iPhone will start syncing to iCloud

Cross verify on iCloud

  • Login to your Apple ID account on iCloud using some other device like PC/Laptop
  • Click on contacts and check whether all contacts are synced
  • Note down the number of contacts on both iCloud and your iPhone

Turn OFF contact sync on iPhone

Navigate to Setting -> iCloud -> now turn off the Contact Switch -> click on “Keep on My iPhone” or delete all the contacts from iPhone

Again Login to iCloud using your PC/Laptop

  • Login to iCloud and click on Contacts and export all contacts as a safety measure in .vcf format
  • Now remove all the duplicate contact entries manually and once you are done with it then again take export of the all contacts again

Note: In order to select export option you can click on small cog icon on the bottom left corner of the screen

Turn ON contact sync on iPhone: Turn ON iCloud contact sync on your iPhone, then you will see that all the contacts from the iCloud will get synced to iPhone.

However, in either case you may have to certainly go through all the contacts one by one and delete all duplicate contacts. But what if there are lots of duplicate contacts? Then it becomes lengthy and hectic process. Hence, if you stick with the same traditional way of deleting the duplicate contacts then you may mess up with all the things.

No doubt iCloud method of deleting the duplicate contacts is result oriented but a novice user can feel uncomfortable in performing the task and in case if the user goes wrong then it may lead to loss of important contacts. Thus in such situations you can make use of most trusted application called Remo MORE which can efficiently  remove duplicate contacts iPhone with just few clicks and within a matter of minutes without causing any damage to your other iPhone data.

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