How to remove duplicate files in Windows?

Is your system has become junked up with duplicate files? Want to clean up the mess? Then just read below...

Duplicate files and folders can clutter up your Windows computer, and can cause confusion. This can happen when same file is saved at different locations. Presence of these duplicate files on your system causes many issues. For example, since both the files have same name, you might delete the most recent file instead of deleting the older one. Additionally, it eats up your disk space and creates unnecessary file confusion. Hence, it’s advisable to remove these duplicate files to free up your disk and to get rid of file chaos.

If you have a lot of duplicate files on your drive, take a few moments to do some "house cleaning" of your file folders. To perform this you can make use of the Windows Explorer, as you can easily access all the files for every program on your Windows computer and sort them to find all the duplicates in just few minutes. Below listed are the steps to be followed to remove the duplicate files on your Windows systems. Just take a look at them:

  1. First, Right-click the “Start” menu and click “Explore” Or you can even go to start menu, in the search tab type “Explore” and from the menu select “Windows Explorer” option to open the explorer window
  2. Click the “Folders” button on the Windows Explorer toolbar to view the left-hand panel (two-pane view)
  3. Now hit on the folder containing duplicate files in that panel (left-hand)
  4. Next to the “Folders” option on the Explorer toolbar, you will find an option box that looks like a small window with colorful buttons; just select the “Details” option
  5. This will allow you to view all of the files by name, date and time of their creation
  6. Click on the “Name” tab to sort all the files by name and scan the list to find the two duplicate files and delete them
  7. Just wait, don’t straight away delete the file, first check the “Date Modified” column present next to each of the files to find out which one was modified last. This is because in many cases, the file modified last will be the needed one and other one should be kept
  8. Click on each file, open them if you need to double-check and then get back to the Explorer window
  9. Select the unneeded duplicate file, press “Delete” on your keyboard to remove the file. Repeat this action with all of the duplicates in that and other folders
  10. Then go to your desktop, and right click on the “Recycle Bin”, select the “Empty Recycle Bin” option to get rid of all unwanted files. You can even open the “Recycle Bin” by double-clicking on it and select the file and press “Delete” on all files individually and remove the duplicate file from your system completely

Hence by following the above explained steps you can easily remove all the duplicate files form your Windows systems. While deleting the files on Windows, make sure you select the correct file and if necessary double check them before deleting. In case you delete your important that too recently updated file, then you will lose your vital data. Also, in the process even your Windows Recycle bin will be emptied that removes your file completely from your system. In such cases if you wish to perform deleted data recovery from computer then just make use of the most trustworthy tool named as Remo Recover Windows because it easily extract your deleted files even after emptying your Windows Recycle Bin.

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